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We take a look at one of the most exciting new products in the field of nootropics in our TestoPrime Instant Energy review. Find out just how good it is and if it stacks up to regular top tier nootropics here…

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Written by Alex Whybrow – fact checked by Jason M & the editorial team

Alex is a full time writer. He is a creative soul who loves to express himself through his written word. When focus or concentration becomes an issue he turns to nootropics. Aside from the world of nootropic supplementation and writing, Alex is a huge fan of coffee and can regularly be found consuming it and writing about it.

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Most of the nootropics we test here at SOMA Analytics are in pill form. However, as these supplements become more mainstream, there is an increasing demand for consuming nootropics in different ways – one of which is through nootropic drinks.

The trouble is, a lot of the drinks on the market don’t quite live up to the ingredient profiles we see in the usual pill based supplements – that is until TestoPrime Instant Energy was launched.

TestoPrime is known as a testosterone booster and doesn’t really offer a great deal in terms of nootropics which makes it all the more surprising that they decided to launch in to the world of nootropics with a drink – but they have done so and made a pretty big splash in the process.

Having seen the ingredient profile that Instant Energy by TestoPrime has to offer, we were pretty excited to get our hands on it and try it – and so we did – and here we have our full TestoPrime Instant Energy review to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Quick Verdict: Instant Energy

TestoPrime Instant Energy was an instant hit with our tester. Energy, focus and concentration all came within 25 minutes of drinking the delicious orange and mango flavored drink and this lasted throughout the day.

With all natural top tier nootropic ingredients, zero sugar and zero calories, there is no better way to get your nootropic fix.

About TestoPrime Instant Energy

The TestoPrime brand is brought to us by Wolfson Brands, a UK Limited company that operates both there and in the US – with shipping available worldwide. Up until now, they have only had one key product in their range, and that was TestoPrime… but with the release of TestoPrime Instant Energy it looks like they are looking to expand their supplement offering.

Our experience of the TestoPrime brand is that they create high quality supplements that use 100% natural ingredients that are clinically backed by science. Their foray in to nootropics is no different and you can be sure they will have spent countless hours developing and revising their formula.

One thing that they are extremely well know for is their customer support, and their 100% money back guarantee applies to Instant Energy just as it does to their main TestoPrime supplement – with no timeline on it – a true lifetime refund policy.

Instant Energy is essentially a top tier nootropic that comes in a powder that you mix with water to create a tasty nootropic drink. At the time of testing there was one flavor available – orange and mango – and this was available as a one month supply – with discounts available for subscriptions.

The one thing we aren’t too keen on is the name. ‘Instant Energy’ makes this supplement sound purely like an energy drink. Although there is no doubt that you will feel much more energetic within 20 minutes of drinking it, there is much more going on in this supplement than just raw energy – with potential for a huge cognitive boost and real opportunity for balancing mood and alleviating feelings of stress.

More on that as we tell you how we got on with testing it shortly…

TestoPrime Instant Energy Ingredients

The ingredients found in TestoPrime Instant Energy are indeed akin to those found in the best nootropic supplements. In fact, for anyone looking to increase energy levels, improve focus, creativity and memory or looking for stress relieving adaptogens to bring a sense of calm, then there is little better on offer than TestoPrime Instant Energy – and in drink format, there is nothing that beats it.

Everything found in Instant Energy is vegan friendly and 100% natural. There are no added sugars, flavors or colors and each sachet has zero calories.

Let’s take a look at the core active ingredients in a little more detail:

Caffeine Anhydrous

Instant Energy ingredients

This is a potent form of caffeine that is generally derived from the seeds and foliage of coffee plants. Anhydrous simply means it is without water and thus it is often the form of caffeine found in supplements as a dehydrated powder.

We’ll start with this ingredient as it is the only one that might turn some people off Instant Energy – although anyone looking for a drink with the words ‘instant energy’ in the name is likely to accept a bit of caffeine.

Here we see 200mg of caffeine anhydrous (about the equivalent of two strong cups of coffee) and this is more than enough to give you that instant boost in energy – this is what you are likely feeling just 20-30 minutes after consumption.

It’s not the only energy boosting supplement found in TestoPrime Instant Energy but it is the most fast acting. Not all nootropics include stimulants such as caffeine, but many do – and we think this is a welcome addition to the overall blend.

It may however make you think twice about consuming this nootropic in the late afternoon or evening as it will likely impact your sleep resulting in an overall negative impact on your cognitive state.


Next we get 250mg of L-Theanine. This is a naturally occurring amino acid that has a few strings to its bow. Firstly, it will prevent the dreaded jitters and crashes associated with high caffeine intake. On top of this it will actually further compound the impact of the caffeine.

In addition to the above, L-Theanine is well known for eliciting feelings of calm and it can even help to reduce anxiety – something that is always welcome in a nootropic.

instant energy sachets


Each serving of Instant Energy also comes with 1.5g of L-Tyrosine. This is also naturally occurring but this non-essential amino acid has a key role to play in the brain.

It can help repair and replenish the brain’s neurotransmitters, especially epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine – all of which helps to keep you calm and balanced in stressful situations.


L-Taurine is another amino acid that we get from dietary sources – mainly meat, eggs, fish and milk. It is hard to take enough through diet alone though and so taking it in supplement form can be useful.

It has a key role to play in physical and mental health and although there is less data to support the full role it plays in the body, it is widely accepted that it does play a vital role in healthy energy production and all round good health.

Vitamin B Complex

The vitamin B complex found in Instant Energy is comprehensive and well dosed. You get 7 out of the 8 B vitamins included with each serving with just vitamin B-12 excluded – it seems a strange omission but it’s easy enough to supplement that if you wish.

B vitamins carry a whole plethora of benefits, and are well known for improving cognitive functioning as well as staving off chronic disease.

This mix is a worthy addition to the blend.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that has been used in alternative medicine for centuries. It is widely known to help lower anxiety levels and promote a sense of calm and is an ideal ingredient to help fight stress at times when it is most needed – e.g. in high pressure situations.

Here, we get 200mg of Ashwagandha per serving which is a more than adequate dose to see a significant improvement in relation to stress and anxiety.

Acacia Fiber

Next we get 200mg of acacia fiber which is a bit of a strange addition to the blend. The jury is still out on the exact health benefits that we can get from acacia fiber but none are really related to the brain.

In fact, most are more gut and appetite related benefits and although it certainly won’t hurt you to take it, it does seem a strange inclusion for a nootropic.

This being said, it is thought to help ease symptoms of IBS whilst the dietary fiber it contains can help to suppress appetite. The former could be of use here as sometimes those taking supplements will find unwanted gut related side effects – so this is likely an attempt to help alleviate these symptoms for the small percentage of those who might otherwise suffer them.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is perhaps the most well known vitamin and although it is readily available in whole foods, few of us actually consume enough of it. On top of this, when we are looking to remain focused and on top form, our brains need more vitamin C to support the repair and maintenance of our neurotransmitters.

The 20mg serving of vitamin C is not going to give you the recommended dose for men or women but it is going to give you the extra you will likely need to be firing on all cylinders. You will still need to consume it as part of your healthy, balanced diet – but 20mg will be just under a third of what women need and and just under a quarter of what men require daily.

L-Choline Bitartrate

L-Choline is similar to B vitamins and can be found in foods such as meat, fish, beans, eggs and vegetables. It is also found naturally in the liver but generally we do not produce enough of it naturally to have a profound impact. It is widely renowned for its ability to improve memory and recall and when taken in high enough quantities it can also help improve motivation and focus.

100mg per serving is included in TestoPrime Instant Energy and this is a good daily dose to have a profound impact on your ability to focus and learn.

Instant Energy – Our Experience

Having tested many nootropic supplements over the years, it is always pretty exciting to try something new. When that something is in a completely new format (in this case a drink), it is all the more exciting.

I write a lot. And I mean a lot.

Instant Energy side of tub

And it’s always the afternoons where I struggle most.

I generally don’t drink caffeine after 1pm as I know it interferes with my sleep if I do, so I figured I’d take my daily dose of Instant Energy just after lunch – just as the afternoon slump is about to set in.

I had one coffee in the morning just before starting work, and then one sachet of Instant Energy just after lunch – at around 12.45pm.

I did this each day for 30 days.

On the Instant Energy website, they state you will feel the initial energy boost after 20 minutes. For me, it was after about 25 minutes most days, and it was a nice gentle uplifting buzz – not that wired feeling you sometimes get after drinking too much coffee.

The energy and focus that came with it also seemed to be much longer lasting than with coffee alone. This is likely the L-Theanine doing its thing.

I loved the fact that the drink comes in a sachet that you simply have to mix in to water. This makes it super convenient if you are on the go or working in various places – as you don’t have to carry the drink around with you the whole time. You simply mix it with water when you are ready to drink – or you can of course pre-mix it if you wish.

The orange and mango flavor was good. It would be nice to have some other flavors to mix it up a bit, but if you had to stick to one flavor this would be it. It doesn’t taste synthetic in any way and it’s not overly sweet – just right.

I used it for a range of purposes. At weekends I took it just before hitting the gym for an extra energy boost and this was amazing – one visit I hit PBs in pretty much every exercise I did.

I also used it whilst playing FPS games and felt super focused and on fire.

For important meetings (they were Zoom meetings rather than face to face) I also found I was more focused.

Of course, my usual day to day writing also improved – with me being much more focused and a lot more productive on the whole.

The stress relief and mood benefits were less obvious to identify at first, and it is likely this took a little longer to show an impact – but after two weeks I definitely felt a quiet sense of calm focus within myself when working and my quality of sleep was better when tracking it with my Oura ring.

Having tested Instant Energy and having the privilege of being able to compare it to standard nootropics I’d say it becomes more apparent as to why they called it ‘Instant Energy’. Although I do still think it does the whole profile a disservice (as it does a lot more than just giving an instant energy boost), it is one of the most notable quick boosts of non-jitter energy I have had from any nootropic.


All in all, TestoPrime Instant Energy is a revelation. It brings the sphere of high end nootropics to a new delivery mechanism that is super easy to consume and is highly convenient.

For as little as $1.20 per drink, you can enjoy a whole host of short and long term cognitive benefits and with savings to be made on subscriptions it really does offer incredible value for money.

There’s not much to lose thanks to the no-quibble money back guarantee so if you think a nootropic drink is for you, we’d suggest going for this as there is no better on the market right now in terms of impact and quality of ingredients.

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Our Verdict: Instant Energy

TestoPrime Instant Energy was an instant hit with our tester. Energy, focus and concentration all came within 25 minutes of drinking the delicious orange and mango flavored drink and this lasted throughout the day.

With all natural top tier nootropic ingredients, zero sugar and zero calories, there is no better way to get your nootropic fix.

alex writer

This article was written by: Alex Whybrow – Full Time Writer, Coffee Connoisseur & Nootropic Fan

Alex spends a lot of his time writing. He is a creative soul who loves to express himself through his written word. When focus or concentration becomes an issue he turns to nootropics. Aside from the world of nootropic supplementation and writing, Alex is a huge fan of coffee and can regularly be found consuming it and writing about it.