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Written by James Dixon

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Adderall is typically used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

Those suffering with ADHD typically feel like they have five or six different dialogues going on in their minds at any one time. Adderall helps to streamline this, so they can focus on what they need to focus on.

It allows those suffering with ADHD to better focus, improving short term memory, working memory, executive function and be freer from distraction than they would otherwise be. They will find it easier to organize themselves, maintain cognitive focus and energy, and operate more easily.

Obviously, most people don’t have ADHD. Adderall and its ilk won’t be appropriate for most of us. However, we all exhibit ADHD-style symptoms, fairly often. Most of us can agree that we would do better for better focus and attention, more energy, and a greater ability to think, create, and organize.

This is where nootropics come into play – brain supplements, perfectly safe and legal, that make use of certain herbs, nutrients, and botanicals to boost your cognitive health and power. There are plenty on the market. Many of them are easily accessible on Amazon, they are so mainstream.

I don’t particularly think that Amazon is a good place to buy supplements – or, at least, not always. However, you can still find a few gems on there. Below, I’ve gathered what I think are the top three nootropic supplements for ADHD you can buy on Amazon. For good measure, however, I’ve also rounded up three of the best nootropics going that you can’t find there – consumer choice is king, after all.

Our Top Three Adderall Alternative Amazon Products

Let’s take a look at three of the best Adderall alternatives available to buy on Amazon…

Focus Pep

First out the gate, we have Addrena’s Focus Pep. Available on Amazon for a reasonable price, it is designed primarily with students and gamers in mind, as well as athletes looking for a bit of a boost during hard training sessions.

Focus Pep uses three stimulants alongside an array of herbs and vitamins to give your brain a bit of extra power and speed. It is also great for those looking to lose weight, as it can have mild thermogenic benefits.

In general, you can expect Focus Pep to boost your energy levels whilst improving your mental focus. It will be great for anybody struggling with mild ADHD-style symptoms, as well as those struggling with fatigue.

Focus Pep relies largely on several sources of stimulant. These include guarana, caffeine, and huperzine, alongside bitter orange extract and vitamin B3. These all stimulate nerve growth, raise energy levels, and help to bring more blood to the brain. 

Guarana and caffeine are thermogenic compounds, meaning that they will boost your metabolic rate, helping you to release more energy from fat, and thus to burn more fat overall. Bitter orange, meanwhile, contains a mild yet fully safe, legal form of amphetamine, which further adds to this boost.

Finally, Focus Pep uses yohimbe and l-carnitine. These both have nootropic qualities. Yohimbe is also a known libido enhancer, whilst l-carnitine is a thermogenic compound known to energise your body.

Focus pep is completely vegetarian and vegan friendly, is free from sugar and gluten, and elicits no side effects outside of the stimulants involved.


Vital Vitamins’ Brain Booster is another pretty safe bet if you’re looking into getting your nootropics on Amazon. It is designed for anybody and everybody to use, no matter your lifestyle, physicality, or work life. Vital Vitamins’ goal here is to simply get you through your daily life, with all the challenges that entails!

It is largely an energy and focus supplement, designed to reduce the kind of fatigue we all suffer from whilst keeping your brain engaged and in the game. Ingredients like DMAE should help you to find mental clarity with improvements to mood, memory, and cognitive ability, without any kind of energy crash afterwards.

It includes a laundry list of ingredients often included in standard, high-quality nootropics. This includes vitamin B12, Bacopa Monnieri extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), Phosphatidylserine, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, plus a couple of fillers.

It’s far from the best formula you’ll ever see. However, it is cheap, effective, and easy to get hold of. I really quite like it.

Dr Emil Nutrition 

I really like Dr Emil Nutrition’s entry into this list. It relies heavily on Dr. Emil’s Lion’s Mane Smart Shrooms. Lion’s Mane is a mushroom known for supporting cognitive performance – you will see it a lot in many of the top nootropic supplements on the market. It aids in supporting mental clarity, focus, and memory.

The benefits don’t end here, however. Lion’s Mane Mushroom also supports healthy immune function as well as being a fantastic antioxidant, reducing inflammation and the damage that comes hand in hand with it. It can also support gut health.

Lion’s Mane has also been shown to promote improved oxygenation within the body. This will result in improved physical performance alongside that boosted mental clarity. It is known for being able to ward off fatigue, making it perfect for those with busy, active lifestyles.

Dr Emil Nutrition use incredibly high-quality Lion’s Mane. Each serving contains 2100 mg of 100% pure Lion’s Mane extract powder. This powder is from hand-picked mushrooms grown in the USA. It is extracted from the mushrooms using a state-of-the-art hot water method which maintains the highest possible nutrient retention, meaning you get a full dose of the best stuff in each helping.

The formula also contains BioPerine. This is one of the best additions to any supplement. It aids absorption into the blood stream, thus making uptake faster and far more efficient.

Dr. Emil’s Lion’s Mane Smart Shrooms are non-GMO and completely free from gluten, additives, and fillers. They are made in a cGMP facility and, according to the manufacturer, come ‘100% free of hype, hormones, and empty promises.’

I heartily concur.

Our Top Three Non-Amazon Products

As above, Amazon isn’t always the best place to find your supplements. Amazon’s algorithm often doesn’t flag up the best ones going. Plenty of the best supplements aren’t even on there – it’s not uncommon for top-tier compounds to be available only from the manufacturer and, perhaps, a small handful of trusted outlets.

Everything in our list above is of good quality. However, you get a lot more options by casting a wider net. And my three favorite nootropics aren’t found on Amazon. 


top nootropic choice

I want to kick things off with NooCube. It is perhaps the greatest Adderall alternative on today’s market; it’s my nootropic of choice, having gotten me through a great many exams and deadlines in recent years.

NooCube makes use of seven ingredients. They are some of the top nootropic compounds going: l-tyrosine, l-theanine, cat’s claw, oat straw, bacopa, huperzine A, and Alpha GPC. You will find a couple of these in most common nootropics. However, to get them all together, in one, top tier supplement is a real treat.

In particular, cat’s claw and oat straw are fantastic for helping you overcome hyperactivity, one of the main symptoms of ADHD. Together, they sooth and calm whilst giving you a great mix of high-quality antioxidants.

Bacopa helps here, too. It is a botanical ingredient generally used for stress relief and overall relaxation. It can help you to beat stress and anxiety, whilst also aiding in learning speed and memory retention. Huperzine A, traditionally used in Chinese medicine, has been shown to benefit those suffering with any kind of neurodegenerative disorder.

Then we have the l’s – l-theanine and l-tyrosine, both of which are very common in nootropic supplements. L-theanine will improve alpha brain wave function whilst promoting creative thinking. L-tyrosine supports working memory as a neurotransmitter. It can also improve your mood and help to regulate overactive nervous systems.

Finally, Alpha GPC is a bit of a stand out ingredient. You will only find it in a few nootropics. I have never understood why. It helps with promoting acetylcholine production. Acetylcholine is a messenger within the brain. It enables inter-neuron communication.

All told, NooCube is a potent, ridiculously good nootropic that I would recommend to anybody.

Mind Lab Pro

packaging and pills

If there is anything that could put me off buying NooCube (which I wouldn’t allow to happen lightly!) then it is Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is a great nootropic for those looking to leave out allergens and stimulants. It is free from caffeine and gluten. It is also vegan and comes suggested for anyone dealing with any kind of dietary restriction.

This isn’t to say the formula is bare. It isn’t – you get a potent mix of 11 ingredients. Together, these make up one of the best nootropic formulas on the market.

It is packed full of B vitamins – vitamins B6, B9, and B12, to be precise. These can lower homocysteine levels, an amino acid that can be related to dementia. You also get some citicoline in there, which can ring-fence long term brain health and ward off degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

All these ingredients combine to promote higher energy levels with greater mood, memory, and attention.

You also get some good quality, organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which we saw above with Dr Emil’s Nutrition. It’s a worthy inclusion in any nootropic.

Then there is phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid.

It makes up about 15% of your neural tissue. Including phosphatidylserine will aid healthy, long term brain function with optimized nerve growth.

Mind Lab Pro also contain the l’s – l-theanine and l-tyrosine, which we also saw above.

Finally, it includes the botanicals bacopa and Rhodiola Rosea. We have already seen how useful bacopa can be. Rhodiola Rosea adds to its benefits, helping to fight against stress and anxiety symptoms whilst also promoting improved memory and attention span, and elevated mood.

Hunter Focus 

Finally, we have the aptly named Hunter Focus, which, the manufacturer will assure you, gives the focus of – guess what – a hunter.

This isn’t all hyperbole, however. It isn’t all just to create hype. It’s a genuinely fantastic product that makes good on all of its claims. You will be more alert, more aware, with greater focus and cognitive power for taking it.

Hunter Focus made in the UK and US by Roar Ambition, a specialist men’s health supplement company (though many of their products are at least as good for women as for men, so don’t let their branding fool you), delivers a great many trusted nootropic ingredients to help you to optimize your cognitive health and function.

You get nine active ingredients, many of which we have already seen in this list – things like Lion’s Mane Mushroom, bacopa, citicoline, l-tyrosine, and l-theanine.

It also includes a great many botanicals, such as maritime bark extract, passion flower, and ashwagandha.

I love ashwagandha. It is one of my favorite inclusions in any supplement. As a high quality adaptogen, it will help to optimize hormone health. For men, this will mean improved testosterone output. By itself, this will mean more energy, better focus, and less anxiety. Maritime bark extract and passion flower will play into this, too, bringing down stress and anxiety levels whilst also assuaging insomnia symptoms.

Overall Top Pick

If you really are determined to buy from Amazon, go ahead. They do have some good natural Adderall alternatives for sale. We have seen what I think are three of the best – pick any of them and you will more than likely see the results you are after.

However, if you don’t mind straying away from Amazon, you will find some potentially much better options out there – options that are well worth foregoing Prime Delivery for. I personally love NooCube. It’s the nootropic I’ve used most, with the best results, with a great degree of certainty and reliability.

It’s never let me down. That fantastic formula works wonders. Everything is intelligently blended to work synergistically, optimizing the benefits on offer. It is easy to dose and manage, and its use of Alpha GPC is inspired.

I am rarely quite so fully enamored of a product. NooCube is wonderful.

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This article was written by: James Dixon – SOMA Analytics PT, Nutritionalist & Published Author

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements. James enjoys helping others to reach their peak both physically and mentally and believes that expressing his knowledge through his writing is an effective way to positively impact the wellbeing of others on a larger scale.