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James Dixon attempts to compare these two high-quality supplements in our NooCube Vs MindLab Pro comparison. Find out which one he prefers below…

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Written by James Dixon – fact checked by Jason M & the editorial team

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level in Philosophy. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements.

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Many of us live with fatigue, foggy headedness, and often anxiety. Modern life is hectic, with far more stimulation involved, and far more asked of us, than we have evolved to deal with.

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There are a couple ways to deal with this. First, try to simplify your life and remove excess stimulation. Second, consider plugging the remaining gap and helping yourself to live your best life, with optimal cognition and brain health.

You can do this with a good-quality nootropic, a so-called ‘smart drug’.

These aren’t to be confused with ‘smart drug’ medications, like Adderall or other common ADHD medications.

Rather, we are talking about natural supplements, made from all-natural compounds, that are designed to improve your cognitive ability and working memory, whilst also keeping your brain healthy and warding against cognitive decline.

Nootropics are simply over-the-counter supplements designed to keep your mind sharp – and when talking of nootropics, two names spring to mind: NooCube and MindLab Pro, two of the best supplements on today’s market.

But which, if either, should you choose? Which one is the best, which one is right for you, which is worth your investment?

Let’s take a look as we pit NooCube Vs. Mindlab Pro.

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NooCube Vs MindLab Pro?

If you are looking for a quick verdict and don’t want to read the whole article we can help you. It was so close between these two…

However, when forced to make decision, James believes that NooCube has the edge on its rival and takes the no.1 spot.

NooCube Or MindLab Pro?

Noocube and Mind Lab Pro next to each other

NooCube is one of my favorite supplements. Manufactured by Wolfson Brands, decades long veterans of the supplement market, it is a true top-shelf nootropic.

Wolfson Brands are amongst the best of the best. Their supplements tend to show off this pedigree incredibly well.

NooCube is incredibly high quality, made from some of the best, most universally used nootropic compounds.

I’ll get into their formula below, but for now, suffice it to say that you should experience a significant boost to your mental energy, concentration, focus and drive, memory, with greater clarity than ever, when you take it.

Though Wolfson Brands are based in Cyprus (as are many companies, drawn by generous tax-evasion opportunities), their products, shipped worldwide, are manufactured in fully FDA approved facilities in the USA and Europe and headquartered in the UK.

Meanwhile, MindLab Pro is made by Opti-Nutra Ltd. Opti-Nutra are not to be sniffed at – they make some of the best-quality, most potent supplements on the market, across a broad range of areas.

MindLab Pro is another top-tier nootropic. It is completely natural, backed by good-quality science, and is almost guaranteed to improve your circulation, mental signaling, cell protection and regeneration, and energy levels, and, as a result, your overall cognitive function and health.

As with NooCube, everything in MindLab Pro is completely natural and side-effect free. Based, created and blended in the UK, it is nevertheless manufactured in the USA. Everything they put out is FDA-approved and fully GMP-certified.

Both supplements do something that I fully approve of, too, which is an instant win for both camps. They label everything, with complete doses of each and every ingredient included.

This may sound like a given, but the opposite is true. Plenty of supplements hide behind ‘proprietary formulas’, so you don’t know how much of anything you are putting in your body.

With both MindLab Pro and NooCube, you see crystal clear what you’re actually getting with each serving.

MindLab Pro
MindLab Pro
  • Natural Ingredients: Yes
  • Improves Mood: Yes
  • Focus: Yes
  • Memory: Yes
  • Clinically Supported: Yes
  • Value for money: Average to Good
Our No.1 Rated Nootropic
  • Natural Ingredients: Yes
  • Improves Mood: Yes
  • Focus: Yes
  • Memory: Yes
  • Clinically Supported: Yes, extensively
  • Value for money: Excellent on bundles

Where The Ingredients Overlap

NooCube and MindLab Pro include four common ingredients, three of which are pretty much fundamental to how they each work. Though each will include various ingredients in different quantities, both NooCube and MindLab Pro dose everything to usable, useful amounts, so you will see benefits no matter what.

To start with, both make use of generous helpings of Bacopa Monnieri. Bacopa Monnieri is a favorite in nootropics and is rarely missed from their formulas.

This is because it represents a rich source of bacosides, the ingredient’s active chemicals. Bacosides improve blood flow to the brain, as well as chemical reactions with the brain, all whilst supporting knowledge retention.

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    MindLab Pro mood booster

    Including Bacopa Monnieri in your supplement regime will lead to more cognitive energy, improved working and longer-term memory function, and a complete lack of brain fog.

    In supplying your brain with plenty of blood, thus oxygen and key nutrients, it will help to ringfence your long-term cognitive health, too.

    Then we have the two Ls – L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine. Again, you will usually see these two key ingredients in any decent nootropic.

    Both are amino acids. L-Theanine is commonly found in certain teas and fungi. Its use is widespread in smart drugs as it can boost alpha brain waves – the ones your brain produces in a state of relaxation.

    It is good when paired with stimulants, as it can offset those jitters quite nicely. I like to pair a good nootropic that contains plenty of L-Theanine with a strong morning coffee.

    Meanwhile, L-Tyrosine will improve your neuro-signaling processes. It improves the healthy functioning of neurotransmitters, the nerve cells responsible for receiving and sending messages. It also helps you to multitask and perform under stress with greater focus.

    However, I must point out that Mind Lab Pro uses the N-Acetyl form of L-tyrosine, which is a more bioavailable form for faster absorption.

    Finally, they also both contain Vitamin B12, which can improve the flow of blood to the brain throughout periods of hard cerebral effort.

    Basically, when you are having to think hard, or for a long period of time (or both), Vitamin B12 can help. It can make sure that your brain is getting the blood, thus oxygen and key nutrients, that it needs to fire on all cylinders.

    Where NooCube & MindLab Pro Diverge

    As well as these four ingredients, each product has their own list of star players.

    NooCube uses a one of my favorite nootropic compounds, Panax Ginseng concentrate. This has been proven to improve learning, memory, cognitive function, mental clarity, and focus, and replaced Oat Straw Extract (which contains gluten).

    You also have Lutemax 2020®, which is an award-winning blend of carotenoids, which are the pigmentation that makes carrots orange. You’ll also find these in marigold flowers, and this wonderful blend effectively supports memory, attention, how quickly we process things, and our stress hormones.

    There are also some really decent botanicals included in NooCube’s formula.

    Firstly we have Cat’s Claw, or uncaria tomentosa, a type of vine that is incredibly rich in antioxidants. It sharpens focus and improves cognitive performance.

    Resveratol, a compound taken from grapes, is an antioxidant-rich polyphenol known to improve mental energy, cognitive function, and memory, whilst promoting long-term brain health.

    We also have Choline here in the form of VitoCholine (which is a more easily-absorbed form of choline), which works effectively for our focus, mood, memory, and even how motivated we feel.

    Finally, Pterostilbene, taken from blueberries, is another potent antioxidant. It can improve neuroplasticity, enhancing cognition, memory, and learning.

    NooCube wraps things up with a few more B vitamins – this time, with B1 and B7 (D-Biotin, which was upgraded from Biotin to make it plant-based). Together, these should improve cognitive function, improve your mood, and give you more mental energy and focus.

    There are two ingredients in MindLab Pro that are particularly interesting to me.

    Firstly, you get Citicoline, a natural compound that has seen use in treating certain cerebrovascular conditions. As part of a nootropic, it can boost memory, performance, and mental energy, as well as improving mental agility and reaction time.

    Secondly, MindLab Pro includes Lion’s Mane Mushroom, or hericium erinaceus. It can help you to balance your mood whilst improving cognitive performance.

    Then there are a few botanicals that represent fantastic additions to MindLab Pro’s recipe.

    These are Phosphatidylserine, from sunflower lecithin, which can slow cognitive decline whilst improving memory and mental clarity; Rhodiola Rosea, or golden root, which will strengthen your mind against stress whilst supporting healthy energy levels and brain processing; and Maritime Pine Bark Extract, or pinus pinaster, which is rich in antioxidants and supports improved focus, mental energy and learning, whilst helping your long-term memory and mental clarity.

    You also get a good couple of B vitamins, with B6 and B9. These should improve blood flow to the brain, slow down cognitive aging, and boost energy, mood, and memory.

    Side Effects

    One of the best things about both NooCube and MindLab Pro are that they are both made using completely safe, natural ingredients.

    For the most part, they are herbal, botanical compounds that have few, if any, side effects. Realistically, you shouldn’t experience any adverse side effects from taking either one of them.

    I would also usually be concerned about what else you might get in any blend, or in the potency (or lack, thereof), of any dosing. This is a big deal if you come across anything that uses any kind of proprietary blend.

    Happily, as above, neither NooCube nor MindLab Pro use proprietary blends. You will know exactly what you’re getting, in what amounts, simply by reading the label.

    Both are safe. Having said that, if you have any medical conditions or queries, speak with your healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement regime.

    Pros & Cons

    NooCube ProsMindLab Pro Pros
    Useful, potent ingredientsUseful, potent ingredients
    Everything is well-backed by science and dataUnderpinned by studies and data
    Everything is clearly labeledNo proprietary blends
    No proprietary blendsEverything is labeled clearly
    Safe, with no common side effectsNo common side effects generally
    You get a money back guaranteeGood range of botanicals
    NooCube ConsMindLab Pro Cons
    A couple of the ingredients could
    be more heavily dosed
    Could do with higher doses of
    bacopa monnieri and l-tyrosine
    A little priceyOn the expensive side


    This is a tight one. If you buy either, you will get similar results. You will see your mental energy and cognitive wellbeing and health improve.

    Everything will become clearer, with no brain fog, far less fatigue, and greater protection against long-term cognitive decline. Working and long-term memory should improve.

    Both NooCube and MindLab Pro are made from all-natural compounds with no side effects associated with them, both are clearly labeled and dosed, with no proprietary blends. They may be considered as pricey compared to others on the market, but considering the carefully-crafted list of ingredients you get, I feel the cost is fair (with a confident money-back guarantee from NooCube, too).

    They are, in short, two of the best nootropics on the market. Either would be a good investment for most people.

    However, NooCube has a slight edge, for me, as proven with my own experience. I’ve used it a lot to incredible effect, and every ingredient has its place in delivering what you need from a high-quality nootropic. Wolfson Brands also always seek to improve their formula for everyone, eliminating concerns such as gluten and animal based-ingredients.

    NooCube takes the crown by a whisker.

    James writer image

    This article was written by: James Dixon – SOMA Analytics PT, Nutritionalist & Published Author

    James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements. James enjoys helping others to reach their peak both physically and mentally and believes that expressing his knowledge through his writing is an effective way to positively impact the wellbeing of others on a larger scale.

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