RediMind Review


Fact Checked

Written by James Dixon

Want to know what to look for in a decent brain supplement? RediMind is a good example of a nootropic that has some decent ingredients, but lacks others. Find out what’s good and what’s missing in this RediMind review, plus some alternatives that have it all.

Looking to boost your mental ability to learn, focus, and memorize? Isn’t it incredible that we now have completely natural supplements available to us to help achieve this? They’re called nootropics, and I love them.

That is, I love the quality nootropics out there. I have my favorites which have helped me time and again to shift that productivity-sapping brain fog and massage my mind into an energized, focused powerhouse.

But if you’re new to nootropics and their most effective ingredients, then it can be really difficult knowing which supplement to go for. And let me tell you, I’ve trialed many nootropics that look fantastic on their website with very persuasive marketing, only to deliver a half-baked ingredients profile and poor results.

Looking at RediMind, their website offers a pretty persuasive video explaining how it can help. But as a nootropics geek, I like to do my own investigating. Here, I’ll explain what you need to know about RediMind, and whether it’s a worthy purchase.

Noocube bottle over blurred RediMind bottle

Quick Verdict

RediMind is pretty underwhelming. It’s not bad… it’s just not great.

And not great is damning in such a hotly contested, competitive marketplace. There are too many really, really good nootropic supplements out there in a similar price point, just as readily available, with far more comprehensive and better thought-out formulae backing them up.

I really wouldn’t waste your money on RediMind if I were you. Look elsewhere. Look at NooCube, which is just about the best of the best in the world of nootropics.

What Is RediMind?

RediMind bottle

RediMind is pretty straightforward. It’s a fairly standard-looking, over-the-counter nootropic supplement – a cognitive enhancement supplement designed to improve memory, concentration, and overall mental acuity.

Nootropics can, of course, be incredibly useful. They can help anybody facing stressful periods professionally or personally, or anybody facing great cognitive load, from students to CEOs, and all the professions and hobbies in between.

They can also helpful for anxiety and even ADHD, or anybody just looking to clear their mind, keep their cognitive health in check (especially through to old age), and aid their natural executive function and working memory capabilities.

So let’s turn our attention to RediMind. It’s made by Nutreance, a supplement company with whom I’m honestly not that familiar, and seems to be marketed quite strongly towards those facing age-related memory decline.

OK. It might do some good, though it won’t be anything like as good as many of its competitors, and it won’t represent a healthy way to allay or overcome cognitive decline. You should always speak to your doctor if you fear cognitive decline. Certainly, don’t rely on such lackluster supplements as RediMind.

Because, honestly, it really is lackluster. The formula is lean, and there are much better ones out there, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

The Benefits Of Using RediMind

I want to talk about the benefits you can gain from RediMind, because they’re there. It’s not all rubbish. But I also kind of want to frame them with reference to the benefits offered by nootropics more broadly, however – I think it might be more useful as we go forwards with this review (and, honestly – spoilers! – as I tell you what else to buy!).

Every nootropic should, as a baseline, give you a few cognitive benefits. Among these, they should first and foremost give you improved concentration and mental clarity, with a lot more focus. This is why many people turn to them in the first place – we’re so bombarded and overburdened with input in the modern world that it’s hard to maintain focus.

RediMind can potentially help, here. It uses huperzine A, which many nootropics include, as it is perfect for anybody taking part in any kind of mentally fatiguing work, or for anybody simply looking to ramp up their focus a little in order to better deal with the modern world’s fast pace.

A good nootropic should also aid your memory and retention. RediMind should do this – the Bacopa Monnieri in its formula is a common and brilliant addition for improving memory acquisition and longevity.

It has been shown to increase cerebral blood flow and inhibit acetylcholinesterase, which could result in enhanced memory and retention. Similarly, the inclusion of Alpha-GPC provides the body with a source of choline, which is then used to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter integral to learning and memory processes.

It’s not all about the short-term effects, however. These may be what attract you to nootropic use in the first place, but you should stick with them for their longer-term benefits such as neuroprotection and cognitive longevity.

RediMind does this pretty well, too. Ginkgo Biloba, for example, has a history of use in protecting nerve cells and potentially reducing cognitive decline. Lion’s Mane Mushroom is one of the better ingredients going for promoting nerve cell growth and repair, and is very much thought to help maintain cognitive functions as one ages.

As part of this, a good nootropic should defend against cognitive decline. This is where potent antioxidants should come into play. However, antioxidant use is pretty weakly managed in RediMind. Alpha-GPC and Bacopa Monnieri will give you some longevity, but honestly, it’s not so good.

Which, as we’ll see, is kind of the crux of the problem. RediMind uses a few good ingredients which we’ll look at next, but it doesn’t take anything far enough. The benefits reflect this. They’re all there, just to quite a poor degree.

It’s a shallow offering, where similarly priced nootropics go deeper with better-dosed, better-quality ingredients – and, of course, their benefits.

RediMind Ingredients

RediMind ingredients label on bottle

Ultimately, you don’t get much with RediMind – or, at least, you don’t get as much as other, similarly priced products offer. Thus, it’s probably not worth any kind of time or money investment. However, what you do get is pretty decent.

I’ve mentioned Bacopa Monnieri, for example. It’s a strong start, a perennial herb with a long history of use for its cognitive-enhancing properties, which modern clinical data bearing out quite well.

Research suggests that Bacopa Monnieri can induce a host of neuroprotective effects, such as inhibiting acetylcholinesterase (an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter for memory and learning) and increasing cerebral blood flow, which is crucial for delivering nutrients and oxygen to support brain activity.

Similarly, Ginkgo Biloba is a pretty admirable choice. Again, it’s a traditional ingredient, used for centuries in plenty of forms of traditional medicine to great effect for its ability to bolster cognitive health and function. Modern research has linked Ginkgo Biloba to improvements in memory, attention, and even slightly improving blood flow to the brain – it pairs nicely with Bacopa Monnieri in this regard.

Ginkgo Biloba has also been linked to neuroprotective properties, helping to safeguard nerve cells from potential damage.

I also really like RediMind’s use of Alpha-GPC (or L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, to be precise), one of the better nootropic ingredients available to manufacturers.

Alpha-GPC is an incredibly bioavailable source of choline, able to cross the blood-brain barrier efficiently. Once in the brain, it acts as a precursor to acetylcholine. It should work across a range of areas, giving benefits to cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and muscle control, as well as helping to fight against cognitive decline.

Lion’s Mane powder is also a great choice, one that I’m always happy to see in any kind of nootropic supplement. It’s a mushroom with a storied history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, where it has long been used for cognitive health.

Again, modern clinical data bear this out – it can stimulate the production of nerve growth factors, facilitating the growth and repair of nerve cells, and even new neural connection formulation. This kind of neurogenesis is key for keeping your longer-term cognitive health in check.

Finally (and, trust me, it’s too early to be saying finally – this really is a spartan list!), we have Huperzine A, an alkaloid extracted from the Chinese club moss Huperzia Serrata.

Where other elements of this formula lead to increased acetylcholine production, Huperzine A works from the other side – it helps to prevent acetylcholine breakdown, meaning more of this crucial neurotransmitter in the brain. This in turn should mean improved memory, focus, and overall cognitive performance.

It’s a good start to a promising list. However, it’s also a disappointing finish – it’s a parsimonious profile in a world of generous, well-thought-out formulae. You’ll get benefits, but you can get better results elsewhere.


Noocube front of bottle

There are plenty of good alternatives out there, happily. Or, rather, there are plenty of good ones, and some absolutely stand-out, brilliant ones. Mind Lab Pro, Mind Vitality Focus, Alpha Brain… the list goes on.

However, if you want the best, then for me this has to be NooCube, brought to us by Glasgow-based Wolfson Brands, one of my favorite supplement companies going.

NooCube is built in the same mold as most nootropics, meaning all the benefits mentioned above as a minimum. NooCube’s blend of nootropics deliver enhanced cognitive functions such as memory, attention, creativity, and the ability to learn and retain information with the inclusion of potent ingredients such as L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine, among others.

This said, it’s got just about the best, richest ingredients list going, far outstripping the likes of RediMind at a very similar price point.

You get a couple of ingredients we’ve already seen, with Bacopa Monnieri and Choline, this time however from the peerless Vita-Choline®.

As well as this, NooCube brings a hefty dose of Panax Ginseng, a staple in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s highly adaptogenic, meaning improved longer-term brain health as well as overall stress reduction, and it can help in combating fatigue, enhancing brain function, and improving mood.

This long-term view of brain health is backed up incredibly well by Cat’s Claw. Derived from an Amazonian (and looks like a cat’s claw, hence the name), it’s thought to have potent neuroprotective benefits, improving brain health and potentially helping in the fight against cognitive decline.

NooCube is also very rich in high-quality antioxidants, which bring profound impacts on brain health. They help in protecting brain cells from damage and improving blood flow, which is vital for optimal cognitive function. Largely, we’re looking at Pterostilbene and Resveratrol here, which are industry leaders for anybody looking to take antioxidant use seriously.

Then we have L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine, which I mentioned earlier – two amino acids that I always like to see given a shot in any good nootropic. Both are directly involved in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, essential for stress relief, focus, and alertness.

Finally, NooCube also gives you a potent vitamin mix, made up of vitamins B1, B12, and D-Biotin. These vitamins are essential for brain health, supporting the brain’s energy production, DNA synthesis, and repair. They should also play a large role in keeping the myelin sheath healthy, which is crucial for protecting nerve cells.

With products like this in the mix, there really is no reason to go with anything sub-par. With NooCube doing the rounds, readily and affordably available, there really is no reason to turn to something like RediMind.


RediMind has all the makings of something good… or the potential for it, at least. The formula isn’t bad – or rather, it’s a very good start. It’s just inadequate when stacked against actual industry leaders – it couldn’t possibly sit comfortably alongside the likes of Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain, or, for my money, NooCube.

If you want the most from a nootropic supplement and your money, you’ll get far better results from NooCube.