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If you’re looking for a quality nootropic that gives you ‘supercharging’ or special cognitive powers, you may have considered Primal Mind Fuel. We tested it as part of this Primal Mind Fuel review to see what’s behind the appealing promises. Here are the facts, and an honest, educated opinion by Alex Whybrow.

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I was excited to write this Primal Mind Fuel review. As someone who is fascinated by the concept of nootropics, I’m always looking out for new products to try, and Primal Mind Fuel was one that had escaped me. Until now.

I’d heard some good things about Primal Mind Fuel, and the company that produces it, Primal Harvest – so I was keen to give this dietary supplement a go, and see if it really could deliver on its promise of ‘supercharging‘ my health. I like the idea of being ‘supercharged’. Who wouldn’t?!

So in this Primal Fuel review, I am going to be taking a look at every aspect of this nootropic; from the company behind it, the ingredients that make it up and why they are included, and then my personal experience of taking Primal Mind Fuel.

All of this is to help you to determine whether this is the right supplement for you. Let’s go!

Primal Mind Fuel bottle

Primal Fuel, Or Something Else?

Primal Mind Fuel is a great nootropic, at a very good price. Rather than a quick hit of energy, this has a slow-burning effect when you have taken it for a little while, so don’t expect an immediate impact.

There may be better nootropics out there – I particularly like Mind Vitality Focus.

But at this price point, Primal Mind Fuel is a great entry-level nootropic to try if you haven’t used a nootropic before.

Primal Mind Fuel – An Introduction

Primal Mind Fuel bottles pack of 3

Primal Mind Fuel is made by a company called Primal Harvest, which is based in Miami, Florida. It is a relatively new company, only founded in 2018 when two friends wanted to find a natural way to supplement their health. They have quickly built up a reputation for providing quality food supplements and nootropics.

Their philosophy is a simple one – they want to approach health for the body as a whole, rather than each individual part. So while each of their products may have a slight emphasis on a certain aspect of your body (Primal Mind Fuel on the brain, for example), there are benefits to the rest of your body when you take them as well. This is a philosophy I can get behind.

So what are the proposed benefits of taking Primal Mind Fuel? Well, they break this down into monthly goals:

  • Month 1: When you take Primal Mind Fuel every day for a month, it is claimed that you will feel energized and be able to stay focused for longer.
  • Month 2: After two months, as well as increased energy and focus, you should start to feel sharper and more productive.
  • Month 3: By the third month, you should be feeling all the benefits – you’ll have more energy and focus, you’ll feel sharp and be more productive, plus you’ll feel more satisfaction with yourself and your mental performance.

An important note here – this is just a guide. Everyone experiences different results at different rates, and at different levels of intensity. This is true of all nootropics, not just Primal Mind Fuel.

It’s also important to appreciate that in order to get the most benefit out of taking Primal Mind Fuel, you should combine it with a healthy lifestyle – eat well, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and get lots of rest.

But I’m guessing if you are taking the time to read this article, you are already doing that sort of stuff, right? Nootropics aren’t there to replace a healthy lifestyle; they are there to supplement one.

Having said that, the promise of more brain energy, better focus, feeling sharper and getting more done has got to appeal to most people, hasn’t it? From students to high-powered executives, who would say no to an extra little boost to our cognitive performance?

This is all well and good, of course. We’ve heard all of this before – take this pill and get smarter. We’re not going to just take their word for it – so let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the ingredients that make up Primal Mind Fuel.

Primal Mind Fuel Ingredients

Primal Mind Fuel ingredients list

Primal Mind Fuel is made up of two different blends – CogniPlex B-Vitamins blend and the NeuroSmart Proprietary Blend. These are basically just bunches of ingredients grouped together, so it isn’t enough just to mention these blends – we’ve got to take a look to see what’s inside them:

CogniPlex B-Vitamins Blend

We all need to ensure that we get enough B vitamins into our bodies. Signs of B vitamin deficiency include numbness, weakened muscles, slow reflexes, poor balance and fatigue.

Primal Mind Fuel promises to supplement fatigue with a rewarding dose of B vitamins, to give us that much needed energy. CogniPlex B-Vitamins blend covers this army of Bs:

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI) 10mg

You’ll usually find vitamin B6 in foods like potatoes, fish, chickpeas and bananas. B6 is essential for keeping our nervous system and immunity healthy, as well as playing a role in normal brain function.

It is responsible for numerous chemical reactions within your body, as well as helping with the production of serotonin, which can help to elevate your mood.

Some studies have suggested that not getting enough B6 can cause depression. A B6 deficiency has also been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease – but research is ongoing on this front.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 6mcg

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that focuses on the nerve and blood cells within your body. It also helps to make DNA. Other than a sensation of numbness and tingling, a deficiency in vitamin B12 has been strongly linked to poor memory and general cognitive decline.

To free our minds to concentrate on the tasks before us, Primal Mind Fuel have ensured they include 6mcg of B12 – a nutrient that has been prescribed by doctors for people that experience brain fog.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 2.5mg

Vitamin B1 was the first nutrient that was linked to dementia, and since then it has been proven in clinical research that a deficiency in vitamin B1 can cause neurological problems.

It is absolutely vital that we maintain healthy levels in our diets. It’s thought that taking vitamin B1 supplements can help with problem-solving, memory, reasoning, concentration and decision making.

Vitamin B1 is usually found in foods like eggs, beef, pork, liver, salmon, yeast and beans. It’s always a good idea to supplement this if you are concerned that you are not getting enough.

NeuroSmart Proprietary Blend 314.05mg

While the CogniPlex B-Vitamins blend is there to ensure that you have essential vitamins in your system to protect your brain and prevent cognitive deterioration, the NeuroSmart Proprietary Blend to enhance your cognitive function.

Let’s put this into sporting terms: NeuroSmart is playing offense while CogniPlex plays defense. So let’s take a look at the players that make up this offensive line:

caffeine coffee beans and powder

Caffeine Anhydrous

We’ll start things off with a bang. We all know that a hit of caffeine can get you working – it gives us a hit of energy, and in the right dose it can improve our focus. Our metabolism will dictate how great the impact is, and how long it lasts.

Caffeine is also thought to help other ingredients maximize their impact – it can be an important ingredient in any nootropic stack.


L-Ornithine is an amino acid that plays a critical role in helping to reduce levels of ammonia in our blood. If we have too much ammonia in our system, it can lead to brain damage.

People take L-ornithine for a variety of reasons, such as cognitive function, cirrhosis and athletic performance – but more research is needed to determine exactly how this can benefit a healthy adult taking L-ornithine supplements.


This amino acid is a precursor to dopamine. We all know dopamine is in relation to our mood, but it also plays a role in motivation, focus, and learning. L-Tyrosine has been used to help improve brain function in people that suffer from ADHD. Sometimes it is used to reduce anxiety or stress.

Every nootropic worth its salt includes L-Tyrosine, so it’s no surprise to see it is included here.

Bacopa monnieri

Speaking of common nootropics ingredients, here is Bacopa monnieri. This is a herb that has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries to improve memory and cognitive function.

Bacopa monnieri contains compounds that can help to improve the production of new brain cells and the transmission of nerve signals – better transmission means quicker thinking.

Huperzine A

This is a compound that is found in the Chinese club moss, Huperzia serrata. It is a potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means that it can help to improve memory and learning by increasing the levels of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter that is essential for memory and learning) in the brain.

Some studies have suggested that Huperzine A has improved cognitive function in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola Rosea plant

This adaptogen is known for its ability to help the body cope with stress. It has been used to help stimulate the nervous system, while fighting off anxiety. It can also help to improve cognitive function and mood.

Rhodiola rosea contains compounds that can help to reduce the production of stress hormones and increase the production of antioxidants.

The studies have been pretty conclusive about its effectiveness, so it’s great to see Rhodiola rosea in Primal Mind Fuel.


This compound is usually found in fruits such as cranberries and grapes, but is also produced naturally in the body and has been shown to improve cognitive function. It can also help to detoxify the liver and improve liver function.

D-Glucuronolactone is often used in energy drinks, due to the theory that it helps remove brain fog and increase concentration, but more evidence is needed to back up these claims.


Finally, we have the most delicious compound on our list – theobromine, which is found in chocolate. It is a stimulant that can help to improve mood and focus. Theobromine is also a vasodilator, which means that it improves blood flow to the brain, which in turn helps cognitive function.

Ingredients Summary

Primal Mind Fuel with ingredient items around bottle

All in all, this is a great stack of ingredients, with most bases covered. I do have a minor quibble, though…

You may have noticed that we were given the amount of each individual ingredient that makes up the Vitamin B blend.

However, for the NeuroSmart Proprietary Blend we were just given an overall total – so we don’t actually know how much of each ingredient is in there. For me, that is cause for minor concern – particularly when one of those ingredients is caffeine.

Caffeine is a deal-breaker for some people. For me, I really like nootropics with caffeine in, as I feel that I need that extra little kick.

In contrast however, many people would prefer to limit the amount of caffeine they take – or may have cut it out of their lives completely. So it would be nice – or at least, important – to know how much is in there.

One last comment – all of the Primal Harvest products are made here in the US, at facilities that meet GMP standards, and then tested at a third-party laboratory. Its intended use is for any healthy adult.

Using Primal Mind Fuel

Primal Mind Fuel bottle with capsules view inside

Okay, that’s all of the theory out of the way – now let’s see how I got on when I put Primal Mind Fuel to the test for a month.

First of all, let’s cover what the physical act of taking Primal Mind Fuel is like.

This may seem silly, but nootropics can come in many forms and in many different doses, so it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into. (I say this from experience – one nootropic required me to take 6 capsules every day!)

Anyway, this is a reassuring standard nootropic dose – one pill to be taken with a meal.

I chose to take mine with breakfast for two reasons: (1) I wanted to start to feel the benefits for work that morning; (2) I was wary of taking a capsule with an unknown amount of caffeine in too close to bedtime! I wasn’t taking any risks.

I needn’t have worried though, as the impact was pretty small – at least to begin with. I didn’t really feel a bolt of energy when I first started taking it, which is sort of what I’d hoped for from the caffeine. I had to rely on my morning coffee for that!

The first week or so passed and I hadn’t noticed that much difference to normal – this isn’t that unusual for a nootropic – they take time to really get into your system and for your body to react.

In the second week, though, I did start to feel a bit of a difference. I first noticed it when I worked through my lunch hour without realizing! I was so swept up in what I was doing, so focused, that I didn’t realize the time. And I’m usually a man who knows exactly when it is his lunchtime!

It all started to click from that point. I was working at a much higher level than I had been – my focus was so much deeper, and I found I was getting so much more done in the same hours.

The change wasn’t huge, or even that noticeable to begin with – just little yet productivity-squishing things. I was no longer staring out of the window, or getting distracted to check the mail/news/how my fantasy team lineup was looking/[insert mundane distraction here]. Those five minutes here and there all add up, and I was maximizing the time at my desk.

This continued for the rest of the month. To be honest, the benefit plateaued pretty quickly, but it was enough for me. Without dramatically changing the way I worked, it just made me efficient with my time, which had a substantial impact on how much I was getting done. Marginal gains add up to a lot.

I was really happy with my Primal Mind Fuel trial. It is a gentle nootropic, but it helped me in all the areas that I needed it. It was a lovely little nudge in the right direction, just a tweak here and there that set me off on my way.

capsules in hand

Alternatives to Primal Mind Fuel

There are more powerful nootropics than Primal Mind Fuel that will deliver similar benefits as well as giving you that extra little kick that was slightly lacking, if I’m being a harsh critic (which is kind of my job).

One that I would strongly recommend if you are looking for a bit more energy, is Mind Vitality Focus. This one combines the caffeine with L-theanine, which really seems to bring out the best of both ingredients. It’s one of the best nootropics out there.


Primal Mind Fuel is a really good nootropic. This may sound like I am damning it with faint praise, but it is a nice, gentle nootropic, that gives you a bit of a boost. And that is a good thing. Sometimes that’s all you need. A bit more focus can equal a lot more productivity.

Now, would I want to rely on it if I had an exam in a few days that could change my life? Probably not – there are much more powerful nootropics that can offer you a lot more focus and energy for such scenarios.

But Primal Mind Fuel does a great job. I would wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go, particularly if you have never tried a nootropic before – it’s a great way to ease yourself into the world of natural supplements that improve cognitive performance.

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