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James Dixon assesses this nootropic supplement with a difference in his Neurotonix review. Find out what he thought of this probiotic come nootropic below…

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James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level in Philosophy. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements.

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Neurotonix is a fairly new addition to the nootropic sphere. Though this is nothing unusual in itself – the nootropic market is flourishing, which means that new companies throw their hats into the ring all the time – Neurotonix is a bit of an odd one. 

Neurotonix is something of an advanced memory enhancing formula that should help to cut through brain fog whilst improving attention and focus, alongside all the other benefits you may expect from a top-tier nootropic supplement. It should help to keep stress, irritability, forgetfulness, lethargy, and low mood at bay. 

However, it takes a different path to other common nootropics, with a unique methodology showcased by its unique ingredient profile – a selection of probiotics, botanicals, and micronutrients are all included in what is a move contrary to most of its competitors.

Has it reinvented the wheel? Has it given us something incredible? Or is it barking up the wrong tree by ripping up the rule book?

Let’s find out as we delve deeper in to this Neurotonix review.

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Quick Verdict: Neurotonix

Neurotonix is not the best nootropic out there. Nor is it the best probiotic supplement I’ve ever used. However, it still manages to be both very ably.

You should experience all the benefits associated with nootropics – improved working memory and executive function, long term brain health, more energy, and so on – and all those associated with probiotics – improved immune health, metabolic health, digestive health, and so on – all from one supplement.

If you are looking for our no.1 nootropic of choice then we’d suggest NooCube. It’s an all-natural brain boosting supplement that consistently performs well in our testing.

What is Neurotonix?

As I mentioned above, Neurotonix is a new addition to the nootropic supplement market. Nootropics, or smart drugs, are designed to offer a diverse range of cognitive and mental health benefits, optimizing your brain’s health and healthy functioning. As such, you should expect some pretty strong nootropic benefits from taking it.

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According to the manufacturer, Neurotonix should give you these benefits in large part by bolstering the strength of the synaptic linkage between the brain and body whilst also bringing about enhanced co-ordination.

In theory, this should allow your brain to function more optimally whilst also giving you some potential athletic advantages.

This is important for all of us, though it’s potentially a more pressing matter as we age. As we age, so too does our brain, bringing about age related cognitive decline. Dietary supplements like Neurotonix can go a long way to keeping neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay, and can help to allay symptoms in the early stages where they do occur.

However, it’s safe to say that many of us still (near enough) in the springtime of our youth could benefit from enhanced cognition – improved working memory, including short term memory and recall, improved executive function, and greater cognitive energy and mental wellbeing.

Life is stressful and overwhelming. Anything that can help you to keep your stress levels down, your mood up, and your brain juggling everything with less effort should be very welcome.

Neurotonix is a bit different from other nootropics, as I’ve said. This is because it comes at things from a completely different angle, with completely different base theory lying behind it.

Rather than throwing brain-boosting ingredients at you, it works as a probiotic. In fact, it contains a large complement of 3.6 billion probiotic strains, all combined with five plant-based ingredients and designed to keep your brain young.

Collectively, these ingredients bolster the body’s defenses against some of the more common causes and symptoms of aging. These include the likes of inflammation, oxidative stress and free radical damage, and excess free-floating sugar.

These benefits to sugar levels are particularly interesting. Modern research has highlighted excessive blood sugar levels’ damaging relationship with nerve and cognitive health. It can damage each directly.

We’ve known for a long time that excessively high blood sugar levels pose a threat to our metabolic health. Now it looks as though it can also impair working memory, executive function, and overall cognitive health. This may be because high sugar levels impair the brain’s ability to properly co-ordinate with the body.

The only real way to redress this is to properly balance sugar levels. Neurotonix helps here, especially for those with erratic blood sugar levels.

Its mix of high-quality botanicals, antioxidants, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals, broadly speaking) help to keep your brain strong, with enhanced cognitive health, whilst evening out your blood sugar levels, avoiding excessively high peaks and low troughs. 

This isn’t to say that you should rely on it. No supplement will ever undo the damage caused by a poor diet or come close to matching the benefits of a good diet. Get your house in order first. Naturally manage your blood sugar levels.

This should start with reducing your refined sugar intake. It could be through increased physical activity levels, dietary protocols like intermittent fasting, and an increase in protein and fat, including good sources of each with every meal.

Realistically, a combination of all of these factors will likely be best. Then you will be ready to bring something like Neurotonix into the mix.

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    What does Neurotonix do?

    In short, Neurotonix should improve cognitive and mental function and wellbeing. Your brain and cognitive health should improve by taking it, with benefits to your mood, wellbeing, executive function, and working memory. If you find it hard to focus, maintain cognitive energy, are easily distracted, have poor short- and/or long- term memory, and suffer from low mood, among other symptoms, it may well be a good bet for you. Keeping our brains functioning healthily can overcome these challenges, giving you an overall improved quality of life with greatly enhanced wellbeing.

    As above, Neurotonix delivers a blend of high-quality, well thought out probiotics, botanicals, and micronutrients to help in improving your cognitive health in large part by mitigating risk factors that can diminish it. This is mainly focussed on blood sugar, high levels of which, also as above, have recently been found to impair your cognitive wellbeing and healthy function. It helps to better regulate build-up of sugar that might otherwise negatively impact your neural health.

    Neurotonix is far from an acute supplement. This means that it doesn’t work immediately – or, rather, that you won’t feel its benefits right away.

    Some nootropics have an acute effect, bolstering your mood, energy levels, and cognition often within half an hour or so (though they will also often offer better results over time, taken in the long-term).

    However, Neurotonix won’t actively affect you. Rather, it is largely, though not entirely, preventative – it will help to keep your brain healthy in the long run rather than overly boosting it in the moment.

    As we’ve already mentioned, this makes it perfect for those looking to overcome or ward off the effects of aging, and for those in the early stages of any kind of neurodegenerative disease.

    You will need to begin with this in mind. Take a single capsule daily, but don’t expect to feel much different for a while. The results are meant to kick in only after a few weeks. This may be longer for some. Truly measurable results won’t appear for as much as six months and, as already stated, it will work best in the long term. Expect it to keep you safe if you take it regularly for years.

    Neurotonix ingredients

    Everything rises or falls based on a supplement’s formula, their nutrient profile. This is, after all, what we are all here for. Fancy promises and good branding only go so far. We need to know what a supplement is offering, what you’re actually putting into your body.

    Neurotonix ingredient label

    Neurotonix happily avoid one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate it when manufacturers hide or obfuscate their ingredients lists, using patented formulas and the like to keep their dosing information to a minimum. It’s a far more widespread issue than you might imagine. However, Neurotonix is an open book – their website has a complete rundown of everything that goes into their products (which I’ll get to very shortly).

    All of the ingredients are also completely natural. This is never a dealbreaker for me. Synthesized ingredients can be just as good or sometimes even better than the natural stuff. However, natural ingredients tend to come with fewer side effects (a loose rule, but one that kind of stands up to further investigation). They are also reassuring to many – many people quite sensibly only eat natural.

    These natural ingredients begin with probiotics, of which there are 3.6 billion strains included.

    Firstly, we have lactobacillus paracasei, sourced largely from fermented dairy products (hence its name, casei, as in casein). It has been shown to directly improve cognitive health, performance, and energy levels, whilst also diminishing the damaging effects of oxidative stress and mitigating the effect of chronic inflammation.

    As we would expect, given Neurotonix’s mission statement, it also plays a role in blood sugar regulation, improving blood sugar levels in your system.

    Then there is lactobacillus reuteri, another potent probiotic that helps to improve your memory whilst offering long term cognitive benefits, keeping your brain resistant to the effects of ageing. It, too, has been shown to aid blood sugar levels, further helping to keep them under control.

    It also plays a role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. This is aided by B. lactis BL-04, a probiotic concerned largely with improving nutrient absorption and bioavailability and digestive health. It should allow your body to better absorb and use sugar, rather than leaving it in your blood. It’s also been linked with heightened cognition and memory.

    Then there are a couple of probiotics that boost immune health and cognitive function simultaneously. These are salivarius A2 and salivarius B.

    Salivarius A2 should aid immune health whilst also ringfencing your health from diabetes and other health concerns related to elevated blood sugar levels. It may also keep you safe from age-related cognitive impairment and memory loss.

    Salivarius B, whilst also boosting your immune function, allows the body’s cellular machinery to work more optimally.

    You also get a solid prebiotic with Neurotonix, in the form of inulin. It will enable improved gut health, as all prebiotics should do. It will also give you a few digestive benefits, including appetite control, diminished blood sugar levels, and improved immune function.

    It may help to improve insulin response, which in turn should enable more optimal sugar metabolism whilst keeping you safe from diabetes and other health concerns stemming from high blood sugar levels.

    There are also a couple of potentially very beneficial botanicals included in Neurotonix’s formula – strawberry and peppermint.

    Strawberries are incredibly high in antioxidants, meaning help from inflammation and age-related damage caused by long term oxidative stress.

    Meanwhile, peppermint is quite commonly seen in a variety of supplements and traditional remedies, in large part for its ability to elicit improved relaxation whilst bolstering cognitive function. It can also ease digestive discomfort, headaches, and muscle and joint pain. Each also offer a wide array of vitamins.

    Finally, we have tricalcium phosphate, a supplement in which calcium is bound to a phosphate molecule. It contributes to bone health, as a form of calcium. However, it has also been linked to healthy metabolic function and improved immunity, making it a great complementary resource for the other ingredients in this list.

    All of these ingredients are safe and natural. They are healthy for daily, long-term usage, with no fear of any kind of adverse reaction or side effects. You may want to double check with your healthcare provider before taking Neurotonix, especially if you have any relevant allergies – strawberry allergies are common and may prohibit you from taking it.

    All of the ingredients are from reputable, trusted sources, and all manufacturing takes place in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

    Using Neurotonix

    As I mentioned above, Neurotonix is a bit of a slow burner. You will not experience an acute reaction like you might with other nootropics on the market, especially those using stimulants like caffeine or guarana. Therefore, you should bear with it for a good while before making any judgements.

    You can expect a lot in the long run, however. Take it for at least eight weeks before deciding if Neurotonix is for you.

    Neurotonix usage instructions

    After a few weeks, you may notice changes to your memory, especially short-term memory and recall. You will be able to recall things far more easily, with fewer details missed. At the same, you should see improvements to attention span, focus, and concentration, as you would expect from any good nootropic supplement.

    If you suffer with any kind of digestive distress or discomfort, this may begin to subside as a nice added bonus.

    Your immune health will likely improve, meaning fewer colds and infections. It may also become easier to maintain healthy body composition as your metabolic health improves. Athleticism may improve, too, as will your energy levels. With more ably controlled blood sugar levels, you shouldn’t experience peaks and dips in energy. You also shouldn’t experience peaks and dips in hunger – satiation will be far easier to come by.

    Then there are the effects that you may not notice but which will arguably be far more profound in the long-term.

    Your brain shouldn’t age as quickly as it would without something like Neurotonix backing it up. As part of this, your chances of experiencing age-related cognitive decline should diminish by quite a lot.

    Bone health and density should also improve, thanks to the calcium content, as another added bonus.

    Neurotonix can seem a little hard to get your hands on. It’s only available online, where there seems to be something of a proliferation of retailers looking to sell it to you at an incredibly knockdown price. Avoid them. Neurotonix is about quality, and quality comes at a price. If they’re skimping on the latter, they are likely skimping on the former, too.

    I would advise going straight to Neurotonix’s own webstore. It’s trustworthy, easy to navigate, and efficient. You can also find lots of discounts there, especially if you buy in bulk.

    For instance, one bottle contains 30 doses, which should last you for a full month. This one bottle will set you out nearly sixty dollars. However, buy three for just under fifty dollars apiece. Buy six bottles for less than forty. These bulk-buy discounts also come without delivery charges, with free shipping. This shipping can take up to a week locally or closer to a month – around three weeks – for international shipping, depending on where you are.

    These bulk-buy discounts also come with a couple of bonus ebooks which I really like. They are entitled Top Ten Science-Backed Tips to Learn and Remember More and How to Get a Clear, Sharp Mind In Seven Days.

    As you can see, they’re highly relevant. The former is packed full of ways to improve your memory and overall cognitive function. The latter is all about improving your memory with a few simple lifestyle hacks and techniques. Though the information contained in them is all available online, here it is codified and readily accessible by anyone.

    My final take

    I really like Neurotonix. It is innovative and a little odd, which is wonderful. The nootropic market is inundated with a wealth of products that each contain variations on a theme in their basic DNA. Neurotonix goes for something completely different.

    I have taken plenty of nootropics over the years. I’ve also taken plenty of probiotics. I should warn you now that there are better products out there for achieving one goal or the other. If you want to improve your microbiome, there are better probiotics. If you want to improve your cognitive health and function, something like Hunter Focus or NooCube will likely see you right far more ably.

    However, I’m a little blown away to see something that contains both elements (and no common nootropic ingredients at all), and that succeeds so well at both. It truly is a special product, able to give you an improved microbiome, with all that that entails (improved immune health, digestive health, metabolic health, and so on), whilst going a long way to optimizing your brain health and cognitive function.

    All whilst helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

    It’s a bit of an everyman, but this isn’t to do it down at all. It does something truly special. It’s very, very clever, and one of the better supplements I’ve ever reviewed for keeping your brain young in the long-term. It should see you right as both a nootropic and a probiotic, even if each facet is performed more ably elsewhere in the supplement market.