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James Dixon takes a look at MindLab Pro Vs Adderall in this comparison of two very different products – one being a natural supplement and the other being medication. Find out all you need to know below…

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Written by James Dixon – fact checked by Jason M & the editorial team

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level in Philosophy. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements.

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It’s common enough to find people who find their brains working sub-par. We are all overworked, overtired, under-focussed, sluggish, fatigued, and anxious. And this is only for starters.

In short, modern life can grind us down. It can take a fully functioning brain to overcome it, or even simply to keep up.

Things can get worse than this, however. Many people lack focus and struggle to organize themselves. Many people get tired and frazzled, stressed, anxious, and find themselves unable to function optimally.

Then there are the few people with full blown, diagnosable or diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

There are similarities across these two sets of people, of course. However, we can treat the former with supplements and lifestyle hacks. Usually, a good night’s sleep, a lack of stressors, and a good nootropic supplement will do the trick. The latter takes something a fair amount stronger. It takes some form of mixed amphetamine salts, available only through prescription.

But how do the two stack up against each other? How do nootropics fare against mixed amphetamine salts?

To answer this question, I want to look at the best of the best in each category. This means comparing MindLab Pro, one of the top nootropics on the market, with Adderall, one of the most commonly prescribed medications for ADHD in the world.

The Formulae For MindLab Pro & Adderall

MindLab Pro is one of my favorite supplements available on the market. This isn’t limited to nootropics, it’s one of my favorites from across the board. It is fantastic.

As a nootropic, it is a ‘smart drug’. That is, it is a natural supplement designed to support optimal cognitive function and both short and longer term brain health. It does so admirably: MindLab Pro uses one of the best recipes of any nootropic going, intelligently blended, sourced from high quality ingredients, all backed up by a wealth of top scientific evidence.

MindLab Pro is the brainchild of Opti Nutra Ltd, their entry into the ever growing nootropic sector. This is promising. Opti Nutra Ltd have a reputation for excellence, using high-quality ingredients and cutting edge, well researched technology to produce some of the best supplements.

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MindLab Pro makes use of a full 11 ingredients. As above, these have all earned their place in the formula – the science underpinning their use in this context is fantastic. You get plenty of the usual suspects in each dose, with commonly found nootropic ingredients such as citicoline, phosphatidylserine, lion’s mane mushroom, bacopa, l-tyrosine and l-theanine, maritime bark extract, rhodiola rosea, and a strong B vitamin complex.

This is quite a broad range of compounds and goodies. MindLab Pro doesn’t do one specific thing – rather, it is designed to help pretty much every aspect of your cognition and brain health. It should give you more mental energy, better clarity and focus, lift your mood, ward against anxiety and stress, improve your memory, and generally keep your brain healthy both in the moment and long term.

Adderall is completely different. MindLab Pro can be bought online without a prescription. It is designed for universal use. Adderall is specifically used in ADHD treatment and can only be picked up with a prescription from your healthcare provider.

You can get Adderall in a couple of different formats. It generally comes as a pill. However, you can also find it as a time-release capsule. Either way, it contains two key ingredients that do all the work – amphetamine and dopamine.

Because of this combination of amphetamine and dopamine, Adderall is considered to be a stimulant. It effects the central nervous system, playing on several chemicals in your brain. It will augment both dopamine and norepinephrine’s function in your brain. These are both neurotransmitters that are key in regulating and controlling cognitive function.

Adderall can improve attention span, reduce hyperactivity in those suffering from ADHD, and can limit impulse behavior. However, unlike MindLab Pro, it also comes with some side effects, making it unsuitable and inadvisable for most people.

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MindLab Pro – Buy Today?

Deciding between adderall and MindLab Pro? We can’t advise on the former as this is a decision to made with a medical practitioner – however MindLab Pro is one of our most recommended nootropics.

For those looking for a natural cognitive boost and greater focus then MindLab Pro is an excellent choice.

The Separate Uses of MindLab Pro and Adderall

We can find a few common factors between MindLab Pro and Adderall. For instance, they both aim at eliciting broadly similar responses. They should impact the central nervous system, bringing benefits to cognition and brain function. They are also both designed for regular oral consumption.

This is kind of it, though. Beyond this, they are completely different, aimed at completely different people.

As we have seen, MindLab Pro is open to everyone. You don’t need a prescription or diagnosis to get it. Anyone with fifty bucks and an internet connection can be taking it tomorrow. They will then find their cognitive function and brain health slowly improving over time, with consistent, daily intake.

Meanwhile, you need a prescription for Adderall. Where MindLab Pro is a natural, almost herbal remedy that makes use of lovely botanicals, Adderall is a hard drug. It is a form of amphetamine, and as such is a controlled substance. It is only appropriate for those offered it by a doctor and should not be used in any other context.

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Its medical use only really extends to ADHD, where it can work absolute wonders. It can mitigate many of the symptoms of ADHD, leading to improved attention span, working memory, and energy levels, far freer from jittery hyperactivity.

Basically, MindLab Pro is a great dietary supplement for anybody to benefit from. Adderall is medication designed to treat specific mental health concerns.

MindLab Pro Vs. Adderall: The Benefits

The main unifying theme between MindLab Pro and Adderall rests with their effects – namely the benefits they provide. They overlap, though are, as with everything else about them, also quite separate.

Both are based on completely different methodology and formulae, and are aimed at separate populations. Nevertheless, they both promise to improve cognitive ability, focus, attention, and energy levels.

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MindLab Pro is a nootropic supplement, as we have seen. It is a ‘smart drug’ without actually being a drug. Rather, it contains all-natural ingredients aimed at boosting six of the brain’s most vital pathways. It should optimize brainwave function, brain chemical output and balance, blood flow, and energy levels, whilst also aiding neuro-protection and neuro-regeneration.

In turn, aiding and optimizing these six pathways will optimize four strands of mental performance. It will boost memory, mindset, performance, and structure.

The eleven ingredients included in its formula will aid your overall cognitive function and working memory.

This includes things like recall, creativity, attention, processing, learning, storage, and speed, as well as mood related aspects such as mood balance, relaxation, and stress and anxiety resistance.

It will keep your brain structurally sound, helping with improved injury repair, neurogenesis, age resistance, and fluid membranes, whilst warding off degeneration.

Adderall is not a universal drug. It isn’t a nootropic. Rather, it zeros in on one specific aspect of your mental performance – your ability to focus. It is a stimulant (as we have seen, it’s a form of methamphetamine) that enhances neurotransmitter activity.

Because of this, it is generally used to treat ADHD. It can help those suffering with attention difficulties to better focus and keep their thoughts straight and ordered.

Adderall is also often used to treat narcolepsy, a condition which causes those suffering from it to fall asleep unexpectedly.

Adderall should not be used other than as treatment for these two conditions. It isn’t a dietary supplement and is not to be taken except under strict medical supervision.

Pros and Cons of each, or, rather, living with each

Usually, I would write a pros and cons section around about here. If I were looking at two more easily comparable items, I would list the good and bad of each. However, MindLab Pro and Adderall aren’t too comparable, outside of their benefits to focus and concentration.

Therefore, rather than give you a simple side-by-side, pros and cons analysis, I thought that this space would be of better use rounding up what we know about each, what it is to live with each. That way, you will be able to see for sure which is more appropriate for your needs.

MindLab Pro


  • Third party tested and scientifically backed
  • Requires two capsules daily, which will give you full doses of everything included
  • Nutrient forms are safe and bioavailable
  • Completely vegan, with tapioca capsules and pure botanical ingredients
  • Free from soy, gluten, caffeine, artificial additives and preservatives, and all allergens
  • No proprietary blend, so everything is open and honest
  • Non-GMO
  • Worldwide shipping with a 30 day money back guarantee


  • MindLab Pro isn’t the cheapest product out there. It’s worth every penny, but it will cost you.
  • Nor is MindLab Pro the only top-tier game in town. It’s one of the best, tying for first place with (or perhaps even losing out on it by a whisker to) NooCube.


There are no real pros and cons with Adderall. It isn’t a decision to weigh up. Rather, it’s a medical treatment whose use should include a full and frank discussion with your healthcare provider. 

There aren’t pros, rather there are medical benefits to be gained. There aren’t cons as such, rather side effects to keep in mind.

This being said, let’s round up what we know about Adderall:

  • It’s medicine, not a supplement
  • You must have a prescription to buy it
  • You can get in either in time-release capsules or tablets
  • It is approved for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy
  • There are side effects that you should talk to your doctor about
  • It can be addictive – it is a methamphetamine, after all

Verdict, or which should you go for, if either?

Again, here I would usually give my verdict. I would choose which supplement between two or more is the better choice. Sometimes this is easy to do. Sometimes it’s hard. For instance, I mentioned NooCube above, and comparing it with MindLab Pro really was a difficult task, they are both so good.

But you can’t give a verdict on two such different beasts as MindLab Pro and Adderall.

Rather, we can look at who, if anyone, should take each, and who shouldn’t.

Let’s begin with Adderall. If you have been diagnosed with either ADHD or narcolepsy, it is probably a good idea to consider Adderall. It’s not an automatic, nor is it a decision to take lightly. Many people more milder forms of either condition can manage without it.

However, you may find that either ADHD or narcolepsy is really impairing your quality of life. They do for many people. I have family members who used to suffer terribly with ADHD. They are now on Ritalin, another form of Adderall, and cannot believe the difference it has made. It has allowed them to live their best lives.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, of course. If you take Adderall, you may find your heart rate and blood pressure sky rocketing. This often means other drugs, like beta blockers, to keep you healthy. As above, this is a discussion to be had with your healthcare provider, and isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Then there is MindLab Pro. Who should take it? Or should anyone?

I would argue that anyone can benefit from taking a good quality nootropic. As we have seen, it can improve your mood, energy levels, focus, and cognition in the moment. It can also help to ensure long-term brain health. It’s sort of a win-win.

MindLab Pro is one of the best nootropics going. It isn’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. There are a couple of supplements that can rival it, as I’ve mentioned. However, it is still head and shoulders above pretty much every other nootropic on the market. It is fantastic.

If you think you could benefit from the effects we have seen that MindLab Pro can deliver, it is well worth looking into.

packaging and pills

MindLab Pro – Buy Today?

Deciding between adderall and MindLab Pro? We can’t advise on the former as this is a decision to made with a medical practitioner – however MindLab Pro is one of our most recommended nootropics.

For those looking for a natural cognitive boost and greater focus then MindLab Pro is an excellent choice.

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This article was written by: James Dixon – SOMA Analytics PT, Nutritionalist & Published Author

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements. James enjoys helping others to reach their peak both physically and mentally and believes that expressing his knowledge through his writing is an effective way to positively impact the wellbeing of others on a larger scale.