Limitless Nootropic Review

Our nootropics expert brings you his Limitless Nootropics review after two months of testing. He compares it against the competition and brings you his full verdict below…

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Written by James Dixon – fact checked by Jason M & the editorial team

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level in Philosophy. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements.

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life. We are constantly bombarded with information, juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, and facing high levels of anxiety. Despite these challenges, we are often expected to do even more. If you find yourself struggling, the first step is to try to reduce your workload and take care of yourself. 

It’s important to be kind to yourself and not take on too much. This should be step one in overcoming anxiety and burnout. The second step is to consider using a high-quality nootropic, a supplement which is designed to enhance cognitive function, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

There are plenty of nootropics out there. It’s one of the fastest growing corners of the modern supplement market. As in any part of the supplement market, there are pretenders to the throne. There is a great deal of snake oil out there. And there are some real gems.

I was interested to try out Limitless Nootropic to see where it fell in a marketplace that covers both ends of the cognitive spectrum… let’s find out as I get in to this Limitless Nootropic review.

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Quick Verdict: Limitless Nootropic

Limitless Nootropic is an odd yet highly effective smart supplement. It delivers what you would typically expect from a supplement of its kind – choline, caffeine, taurine, vitamins, and so on.

However, it is also designed to aid the ‘second brain’, your gut health and its interplay with your overall, general cognition. It is clever and, in turn, it should give you a real cognitive boost too – it did for me.

A two month package should be enough for you to assess if it works as well for you.

What is Limitless?

Limitless is a nootropic, a smart drug designed to aid your overall cognitive ability and brain health. It’s named in honour of the Bradley Cooper film, Limitless, in which Cooper’s character gains extraordinary abilities after taking a pill called NZT-48.

If you were left wishing for a real-life version of the pill, you might be interested in nootropics, a wellness trend currently lighting up the supplements market.

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These brain-boosting supplements enhance cognitive performance, improve brain health, and have adaptogenic properties that help the mind and body adapt to stressors. They are known to produce benefits in areas such as working memory, focus, motivation, and verbal fluency. Nootropics are supplements that people use to enhance cognitive function, immune health, and physical performance to improve their overall well-being.

Limitless Nootropics offers a high-quality, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free supplement that supports healthy brain function.

Their product, Limitless Nootropics for Focus, contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance the brain’s capabilities in a natural and safe manner. This supplement enhances cognitive function, reduces brain fog, decreases stress levels, enhances focus, and boosts mood… everything you could ever want from a good nootropic, in short.

It gives you a good shot of energy, an extra dose of choline, a solid vitamin complex, and everything your gut needs to keep firing on all cylinders.

The formula was created by a biochemistry PhD who tailored the ingredients to suit his purposes: he wanted to improve memory, increase intelligence, and enhance concentration in a safe and efficient manner.

I tested it for two months to see if the results were anything like the claims – and I’ll reveal all shortly…

What does Limitless do?

The company Limitless Nootropics offers a unique blend of nootropics and natural extracts, all of which are backed by renowned scientists in the industry. Their formulas are designed to enhance cognitive function and promote optimal brain health. All products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from a certified facility, ensuring the highest standards of quality. The company conducts lab testing on each batch to verify the absence of heavy metals and ensure the purity of every active ingredient.

The brain is a highly complex organ that acts as the body’s command centre, influencing every aspect of life. It is also profoundly reliant on a healthy microbiome – a healthy balance of microbes in the body, largely in the gut.

As we have seen, nootropics are designed to enhance cognitive abilities. The benefits of these supplements can vary based on the specific formula, and person to person. However, typical effects include improved memory, concentration, motivation, and mood – a boost, in short, to executive function, working memory, and mental wellbeing.

Certain nootropics may also promote long-term brain health and potentially help prevent cognitive decline associated with aging.

The interest in natural nootropics has particularly increased in recent years, as people veer away from your Adderall options and go more for plant-based, naturally grown options. Natural nootropics are generally considered to be far better for you, with fewer associated side effects or health risks, than their lab-grown counterparts. 

This is where Limitless begins to come into its own. It is entirely natural and entirely safe.

It works in a bit of a unique way, however. It largely targets your gut health, your microbiome (as above), rather than directly going after the brain itself. Our guts contain complex networks of millions of neurons, known collectively as the enteric nervous system.

The enteric nervous system is connected to our brains through nerves. This network is often referred to as the second brain, due largely to its size and complexity.

In fact, the enteric nervous system actually produces more serotonin, a hormone involved with happiness and mental wellbeing, than the brain.

The gut microbiome, consisting of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, significantly influences the communication between the gut and the brain. The substances we consume can have positive or negative effects on the gut microbiome, which can impact our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Limitless Focus was developed by a molecular biology PhD with the goal of creating a safe and effective long-term solution to poor brain health by going after this second brain system. The product offers several benefits, including increased productivity, improved mood and performance, sustained focus without a crash, reduced anxiety, and improved memory, as we have seen.

In these ways, it is similar to the fictional drug NZT 48 used in the film Limitless, and users are experiencing a similar kind of self-improvement by making the most of it.

Limitless ingredients

The Limitless Focus supplement is fairly distinct, which is no small achievement in today’s crowded nootropics market – a market in which every other product seems to share the same DNA. You get plenty of gut- and brain- healthy ingredients with each dose, including:

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  • Turmeric Extract: This ingredient has been shown to have a positive impact on the growth of brain cells, reduce inflammation, and act as a potent anti-depressant.
  • Young Barley Extract: Evidence indicates that this ingredient can improve memory, elevate mood, reduce anxiety, and even have potential anti-cancer properties.
  • Schisandra Extract: Schisandra extract has been found to reduce the volume of hormones related to physical stress within the body. In turn, this should encourage far healthier brain chemistry whilst protecting the neurons of your brain from harm or degradation.
  • Choline DMAE: Choline is key for cognitive wellbeing and healthy function. Supplementing with it can lead to improvements in focus and concentration, alongside overall improved alertness, concentration, and focus. It has also been shown to boost energy levels and increase serotonin and dopamine levels.
  • Vitamins B1, B6, B12: This group of vitamins is a great inclusion. All combined are critical for health and wellbeing. They are especially important for maintaining healthy memory. They can also bolster your mood, energy levels, and mental wellbeing, among other benefits.
  • Caffeine Extract: We all know that caffeine leads to improved energy levels. It can mitigate the sleep-inducing effects associated with adenosine accumulation whilst also acting as a minor stressor, eliciting increased output of adrenaline and other hormones related to energy and focus.
  • Taurine: Taurine and caffeine often come hand in hand. Popular energy drinks make use of both, for instance. However, taurine is actually an amino acid, a building block of protein. It has been linked to improved athletic performance alongside a healthier brain running into older-age.
  • Glycans: Glycans are polymers made up of carbohydrates. These are key to healthy bodily functioning across a broad range of areas. This includes cognitive health and energy storage, making it a perfect inclusion, here.
  • Extract of Bitter Orange: Bitter orange extract has been historically used to alleviate nausea and as a stimulant. While there is limited historical evidence supporting its use for other conditions, it is generally recognized as having stimulant effects. However, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has banned its use as a drug due to these effects.

This formula is underpinned and fully justified by rigorous scientific research. Each component of the supplement has undergone stringent clinical trials, which means that you get a powerful mix of ingredients that have been proven to improve brain function, motivation, memory, and other aspects of cognitive performance. 

It is unfortunately all too rare to find other nootropic pill or drug manufacturers in the market who have dedicated such a high level of resources to studying their products.

Using Limitless

I really enjoyed using Limitless. It’s not quite my favorite nootropic, but it’s a serious contender. Though the results were not quite the same as in the movie (thank goodness), they were still really quite profound. Hand on heart, my cognition and mental wellbeing both took quite a leap after just a couple of months of taking it.

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It certainly enhances brain performance and cognitive functionality, leading to improved mental processing and problem-solving abilities. I felt this within a couple of weeks, though other users report varying timelines, here.

It should also help to increase mental clarity, focus, and concentration, resulting in more efficient work completion and what the company claims is a 50% boost in daily productivity.

I don’t know how they arrived at this figure, and certainly don’t have a way to verify it. However, I will say that I found it easier to zero in on tasks and get them done in a far more timely manner, with seemingly far less mental expenditure. All of this was very welcome – I typically have to write several thousand words daily to keep on top of various deadlines, so anything that can make me feel like this is perfect.

However, do note that it may cause disrupted sleep patterns and hyperactivity as potential side effects, which could be counterproductive for individuals who need to remain calm and focused. I didn’t personally experience this. I found my head clearer during the day, myself a little more energized, but my sleep patterns largely unchanged.

Try it out, keep tabs on how you’re sleeping, and adjust or stop taking as needed.

Always ensure that you to stick to the recommended dosage. This will avoid some of the more common side effects associated with some of the ingredients in its formula. That caffeine can really kick you to the curb if you’re not careful, giving you headaches and jitters when over-consumed. 

My final take

No, you will not turn into Bradley Cooper. You will not live out the movie Limitless – this is not NZT 48! It is simply a good nootropic supplement with a bit of an interesting take on boosting cognitive performance.

It shares a few similarities with other nootropics – choline, a good vitamin complex, caffeine, and so on. However, it is there as much for your gut health as anything.

This works incredibly well. People who have used it for 60 days have reported a significant increase in productivity and an improvement in their overall quality of life. I certainly experienced this myself, though in perhaps a slightly less profound way to other nootropics’ effects.

It’s like unlocking your smartest self, where constructing sentences, recalling information, identifying patterns, and achieving goals all become significantly easier and take far less energy to get done. I would happily recommend it to anyone seeking a bit of an edge in their cognitive and mental wellbeing.