Editorial Process

At SOMA Analytics we take great pride in the work that we do and always strive to provide honest and impartial advice to our readers.

As our team grows we continue to strive for the same high editorial standards that we had as a smaller team of researchers, writers and supplementation experts.

We have a multi-layered editorial process that allows us to aim for highly accurate, impartial and impactful content across a range of topics.

We only work with and promote companies that are ethically sound, that we have worked with and had dialogue with, that are transparent in terms of their ingredients used and who we have tried and tested ourselves.

Our editorial process starts with research and takes us right through to the final edit and publication. You can read more about our editorial ethos below:

Research & Understanding

Every article that is commissioned to be written on SOMA Analytics has already undergone a rigorous research phase before it even reaches our writers. If a topic seems dubious, is clinically under-researched or we don’t feel it adheres to our editorial values then we simply won’t cover it.

For those topics that we feel will give real value to our readership then we commission it to a member of our writing team that is most closely matched to the topic.

We have a growing team of experts in the fields of nutrition, supplementation and nootropics as well as active personal trainers who work with clients in the real world and see first hand the impact of their advice.

We allow our writers time to conduct as much research and testing as they need before writing as we strive for the most detailed content on the topics we cover.

Aiming For 100% Accuracy

Our policy is that if our content is not 100% accurate then it’s simply ‘not accurate’ – so we aim for 100% accuracy in every piece of content that we produce.

This makes the role of the editors absolutely crucial as oftentimes the pace of the nutrition and supplementation industry moves fast. As a result, every piece of written content is fact checked by our editors and we often review our older content as new studies are released and scientific opinion changes.

This is particularly the case with nootropics as it still a relatively new field of research in the supplementation industry.


Whether we are writing a review of a supplement or a ‘best of’ guide, our aim is to always remain impartial.

We do monetize our content through the use of affiliate links (where appropriate) but our content is never influenced by monetary gain and this income helps keep our editorial process robust.

As mentioned, we tend to only include products that pass our screening process in the research phase, but where we do include products that are not up to our high standards we will make that clear – and often suggest better alternatives.

Even the most impressive of products will have issues of some kind, and where these exist we will make this clear.


We assign writers based on their expertise in the given subject area and nothing else. Our writers are generally based in the United States and the United Kingdom and are considered part of our team. We do not work with writers on a one-off basis and as such we are able to provide an extremely high level of expertise in each and every article and review that is published.


Once content has been written by our writers it goes through a three step pre-publication screening. This includes a fact checking, spelling and grammar and real world application screening process. This is usually undertaken by two members of the editorial team.

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