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Our nutrition and nootropic expert James Dixon assesses the potency and efficacy of this popular nootropic supplement in our CogniMax review. Find out how effective it is in boosting memory and concentration below…

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Written by James Dixon – fact checked by Jason M & the editorial team

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level in Philosophy. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements.

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It’s common to find yourself lacking in mental focus and clarity, with your memory suffering, and your energy levels dipping. It happens to all of us. Modern life is hectic and overstimulating. We all do too much. And we are all aging, which will generally greatly diminish your cognitive function.

There is plenty you can do about it, luckily. Of course, looking after yourself is key. Remain fit and active as much as possible; get plenty of sleep; eat a healthy diet. Education is also important – like any muscle, if you use your brain, you’re less likely to lose the functioning of it.

Supplementation can also work wonders. Nootropics, so called ‘smart drugs’, can often go a long way to optimizing your cognitive health and function.

This is where we come to CogniMax, a commercially available, premium quality supplement designed to improve your memory by mixing key natural ingredients into a very strong formula. But, just because it is ‘premium quality’ (and price) doesn’t mean it is highly effective – that’s for us to assess in this CogniMax review.

So, let’s find out just how good CogniMax is and whether it’s worthy of consideration in a market place that has so many high quality and high impact supplements. 

CogniMax Explained

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CogniMax is a herbal nootropic supplement. Its manufacturers claim that it can help to improve your memory. It is free from additives and added chemicals – everything is completely natural, so it should be safe as well as potent.

The supplement is made by a company called Youthful Health, though there isn’t too much information readily available on them. They don’t have their own website or much by way of a social media presence. They also don’t seem to have anything from Trustpilot or any other major review platform. This all strikes me as a little oblique in this day and age.

However, most customer reviews seem to be very positive about CogniMax, their labelling is clear, and their ingredients list is sound (see below). I wouldn’t be too put off by their lack of online presence – their Amazon pages seem well rated and everything seems above board.

As I mentioned above, memory concerns affect us all. Let’s be honest, we could all do with a good boost. Whether you’re struggling with age related memory loss, are a student hoping for a bit of an extra kick come exam season, or have a high pressure job that requires you to function optimally all the time, nootropics can be a potent ally. Our brains are overloaded and stretched thin. Nootropics can help to tip the balance and keep your brain functioning as you want it. 

It isn’t just a generic ‘memory boost’, that this supplement offers though. CogniMax tackles your memory using three approaches. It should enable improved emotional well-being, hippocampus function, and cerebrum power. Taken together, this should mean that your brain will more easily, more efficiently focus on and memorize new information.

This means a boost to memory and recall, of course. It should also improve your focus and concentration more generally. The natural compounds included are also all rich in antioxidants, which means protection against oxidative stress and thus the effects of aging in your brain.

I am a little skeptical about CogniMax. It’s got nothing to do with the company or the quality of the product. We’ll see the ingredients shortly – they are sound, high quality, and clinically backed. It’s a good product. It just exists in a very crowded marketplace, surrounded by some truly excellent products.

Memory issues are real. They need dealing with. However, they are only a small part of what nootropics can do. The ingredients list for CogniMax could do with beefing up a bit. It could do with giving you something extra for focus, energy levels, mood, mental clarity, long term brain health, and anything else you can think of to keep your brain healthy.

CogniMax falls slightly short of the mark, here. If you’re going to invest in a nootropic, you might as well get a fuller, more well-rounded version. I would personally steer anyone towards something like NooCube, one of the best nootropics available. It will do everything mentioned above, giving you a much more robust set of wider ranging benefits.

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CogniMax Quick Verdict

CogniMax will help with memory and to some degree with focus. However, you should be aware of the potential side effects caused by some of the ingredients included in their blend.

We prefer the more well rounded approach taken by NooCube, a nootropic that covers every base with high quality, natural ingredients.

The Benefits of CogniMax

Youthful Health and CogniMax advocates like to talk about the natural ingredients it uses. It is all natural with nothing nasty or artificial in there. Hence, it should be near enough free from side effects.

There are a couple of problems with this.

Firstly, natural ingredients can give you plenty of side effects. Coffee is natural, as is chili – as is marijuana, come to think of it. These are all plants, grown in natural conditions. They all have side effects. I’m wary of this kind of hype, therefore. In fact, several of the ingredients contained in CogniMax are well-known for their potential to cause side effects.

CogniMax is marketed as containing no chemicals. I know what they mean, here – it has no added chemicals, nothing synthetic. But everything is a chemical. Literally everything in your diet is a chemical compound. You are made from chemicals. To say something doesn’t contain chemicals is nonsense. It would have to not exist to not contain chemicals.

CogniMax benefits for brain and memory

Secondly, there is nothing too extraordinary about the claim that it has nothing added or synthetic involved. Plenty of supplements are entirely natural. Plenty aren’t natural yet have been shown to be actively healthy for you.

Again, stay wary of this kind of hype.

This aside, there are some real benefits to be gained from using CogniMax. It contains some of the best nootropic ingredients. This means that you should see an improvement to mental clarity and memory if you take it.

CogniMax claims to be able to enhance hippocampus and cerebrum function. This in turn may be able to enhance your memory and bring a degree of clarity. The antioxidants present in its formula should also help to fight signs and effects of aging. In fact, Youthful Health like to claim that it can help to build a neuro-protective layer to help keep your brain healthy in the long run.

These are all likely sounding claims. Though some users report feeling no effect, they are seemingly in the minority. Over 90% of users in one survey reported significant improvements in their memory within the first month of taking CongiMax, coupled with enhanced clarity and sharpness; nearly 100% reported a reduction in brain fog. 89% claimed they felt more able to learn. These are pretty impressive stats!

There is good reason for this. CogniMax includes l-theanine, an amino acid extracted from tea leaves that has been shown to enhance attention. This leads to faster reaction times and improved clarity. It also uses St. John’s Wort. This is one of the ingredients I mentioned above that people often react badly to. However, if you can stomach it, it has been linked to improved mood. You also get a good dose of omega-3 oil, which should aid concentration and memory.

CogniMax Ingredients

CogniMax includes some very fine ingredients, all of them stalwarts of the nootropic sphere. Though few in number, they are well focused for its intended use – they should all combine nicely to give you a good memory boost.

The formula begins with ginkgo biloba, which I always like to see in anybody’s supplement routine. It has been shown to have neuro-protective and antioxidant properties. This means improved longer term health, with the effects of aging warded off and diminished, with a boost to your hippocampus functionality.

CogniMax label

Then there is l-theanine, which on its own is a great nootropic. It is an amino acid taken from tea leaves and Bay Bolete mushrooms. It has been shown to improve attention, especially in people who already struggle with some form of cognitive impairment. This is backed up by omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to fight aging, protect against neurological degeneration and problems like dementia, and to improve concentration.

Finally, you get a good dose of St. John’s Wort with CogniMax. St. John’s Wort has been shown to improve mental clarity and fight symptoms of depression. It will be the main thing you might react poorly to – it can cause digestive and sleep issues – but the benefits can be profound if you are OK with it.

Pros and Cons


  • May improve memory and focus
  • Can fight some of the symptoms of depression
  • May improve function of the hippocampus and cerebrum
  • May improve mental wellbeing
  • May help to clear brain fog
  • It’s a less expensive form of nootropic supplement


  • Labelling is unclear and erroneous
  • Can cause side effects, including stomach upset and diarrhea
  • The company itself is pretty oblique
  • Some reports hint at hidden ingredients, though I was unable to verify these claims
  • Can only buy on Amazon
  • No free trial

How to take CogniMax

CogniMax is easy to take and easy to live with. You simply take two capsules per day with a glass of water.

CogniMax claims erroneously to cause no side effects as everything included in its formula is natural. This isn’t true. Though the ingredients are natural, they are also far from free of side effects. It is very common to experience diarrhea and/or nausea from St John’s Wort. St John’s Wort can also disrupt your sleep patterns and make it hard for you to fall asleep.

If you are affected in this way, or if you experience any other side effects from taking CogniMax, you should stop straight away. Always consult your healthcare provider before taking it, especially if you’re on any prescription medication or suffer with any underlying health concerns.


Is CogniMax safe?

CogniMax is entirely safe to take. The manufacturers claim that there are no side effects as everything in the ingredients list is natural. Whilst it’s true that CogniMax is made entirely from natural ingredients, it is untrue to say that there are no side effects. Several of the ingredients can elicit side effects, though they are often minor and short-lived.

How much does CogniMax cost and where can I buy it?

You can only buy CogniMax on Amazon, as they don’t have their own website. You get two bottles, so two months’ worth, for around fifty dollars. This is quite low cost for a nootropic, which reflects the sparse ingredients list and relative lack of benefits compared to many of its competitors.

Can you get a free trial or refund policy?

There is nothing online about a refund policy. They also don’t seem to give free trials – information on the company is so limited that it’s hard to know what they offer, if anything. There is little communication between them and their consumer base. However, Amazon operate a 28-day returns policy, so you will have some protection if you are dissatisfied.

How do you take CogniMax?

You should take CogniMax every day with a glass of water. Take two capsules per serving.

What are the side effects of CogniMax?

CogniMax claims to have no side effects as everything included in its formula is natural. This is untrue. The ingredients are indeed natural. This doesn’t mean they are free from side effects. For instance, its common to experience stomach upset from St John’s Wort. You may experience diarrhea and/or nausea. It can also disrupt your sleep patterns and make it hard for you to fall asleep.


There is a lot to like with CogniMax. It’s a very good, well-designed product. Including l-theanine and St. John’s Wort is a great idea. Together, they will most likely improve your memory and focus whilst eliciting some of the other benefits you would expect of any nootropic, albeit in a slightly more minor fashion.

If you’re struggling with memory issues, it may well represent a great ally in mitigating symptoms and making your life a little easier.

This being said, I would hesitate to recommend CogniMax wholeheartedly. There are some niggles I have with it, as I’ve mentioned above.

CogniMax claims that, as it is a completely natural formula, there are no side effects associated with it. This is wrong of them. It is disingenuous, as I’ve pointed out. You will quite likely experience a reaction, major or minor, to at least St. John’s Wort. Many people do. ‘Natural’ and ‘healthy’ are not as wholly synonymous as many in the health and wellbeing sphere like to presume.

I also think that CogniMax should go further. It is cheaper than many of its competitors. NooCube, my favorite nootropic, will set you back a few extra bucks each month. However, each extra dollar spent is worth it. The ingredients list is more extensive, more artfully combined, with far greater scope for improving your brain health and mental wellbeing.

The nootropic market is a crowded place. You have plenty of options. And, in a world in which products like NooCube or even Mind Lab Pro exist, I cannot see a reason for picking CogniMax. The messaging is confused and the benefits are lacking – and so if you can stretch an extra few dollars, take advantage of some of the excellent bundle deals for NooCube.

NooCube bottle

CogniMax Alternative: NooCube

CogniMax will help with memory and to some degree with focus. However, if you want a complete nootropic that covers all the bases of brain health and offers long term protection against aging then NooCube would be our nootropic of choice.

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This article was written by: James Dixon – SOMA Analytics PT, Nutritionalist & Published Author

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements. James enjoys helping others to reach their peak both physically and mentally and believes that expressing his knowledge through his writing is an effective way to positively impact the wellbeing of others on a larger scale.