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SOMA was an innovative mental wellbeing app designed to help employers identify when employees were becoming stressed or experiencing anxiety as a result of work life pressures. It also allowed employees to better manage their mental health and stress levels.

SOMA-Analytics is no longer the home of the SOMA app. However, we have found the following information about the app be Prenetics.

For Your Organisation

The Kelaa Dashboard

Empowers your decisions: See your team’s health and wellbeing data and make better, more informed decisions about your company’s working environment.

Helps you understand your employees: Kelaa’s analytics show you the areas you can invest in to improve your employees’ health and productivity.

Uses cutting edge technology: We use Big Data and sophisticated algorithms for accurate and powerful analytics.

For Employees

The Kelaa App

Develop your mental resilience and mindfulness: Through exercises and challenges, learn to focus your attention, manage stress and think positively.

Sleep better and improve your wellbeing: Measure and improve your sleep – feel more rested.

Enhance your performance and productivity: Manage your time and tasks more effectively. Be more productive at work.

Smartphone Based

How it works

Kelaa uses the inbuilt sensors in your smartphone. Unlike other wellbeing apps, it doesn’t require any wearables. Employees simply download it to their smartphones, guaranteeing high adoption rates across your company.

Simple and Intuitive

Why it will work for you

We understand that managing health and wellbeing data is difficult and time consuming. That’s why all of our products are designed to be simple and beautiful. Employees enjoy a sleek, intuitive app, and HR benefits from an interactive Dashboard.

Built on the Latest Research

Why it works

Our partners are world-leading researchers in psychology, sleep medicine and data science. Kelaa’s exercises and challenges are based on cutting edge research.


Decrease in Stress Levels

After just three weeks of using Kelaa, employees show clear signs of reduced stress. Stress reduction leads to higher productivity, less absenteeism and lower attrition rates.


Increase in Mental Resilience

After three weeks of use, employees experience an increase in Mental Resilience. Higher resilience levels foster creativity and productivity, as well as greater employee engagement.

What People Said About The Soma App

Catherine V.

Director at EY

“I find the programme extremely useful. I now do an Eisenhower review of my to-do list every Monday morning to help me manage my workload and priorities. I also focus on the wind-down activities of the evening, which noticeably reduces my stress levels.”

Garret D.

Analyst at a Global Auditing Firm

“I like the long-term approach of Kelaa. I do little exercises every day and have seen a huge improvement in my concentration levels and sleep quality. It’s definitely improved my productivity at work.”

Nicole W.

Risk manager at multinational financial services company

“It made me feel very engaged, it was a very supportive atmosphere created by you and the communications upfront and then the app itself. I do have real problems sleeping and the sleep tracker helps me to understand that better and control it. I could actually see which pre-sleep routines were actually making a difference and which ones weren’t. That was incredibly helpful and reassuring.”

Arianna M.

Manager at a Global Auditing Firm, Italy

“Since sharing is caring I’m writing you to let you know how amazed and thrilled I am about the Kelaa app so far. Kelaa’s advice for managing stress is helping me through a hard and stressful period.”