At SOMA Analytics we are passionate about mental health and all that it encompasses.

We have a team of dedicated researchers, testers, and writers who’s job it is to bring you the latest developments in the world of natural cognitive supplementation, nutrition as well as real world strategies for improving mental health and wellbeing.

Our staff are all real people who write for real people.

Although some of our staff are professionals within the field of supplementation, nutrition and metal health, we have a real life first approach to our work. As this is our approach, we only promote natural products and remedies.

We are not here to replace your medical practitioner and if you have serious concerns about your mental health or wellbeing then we would urge you to seek support from the relevant medical departments as a first course of action.

SOMA Analytics is born out of a want to help people to find mental clarity, mental calm and to achieve the greatest brain health they can. A lot of this is supported through supplementation using tried and tested natural ingredients that have minimal side effects.

Meet Some Of Our Team

James writer image

James Dixon – SOMA Analytics PT, Nutritionalist & Published Author

James Dixon is one of the key players in the SOMA Analytics’ team. He is a personal trainer and is educated to Masters level. He is a published author and is a keen advocate of high quality nootropic supplements. James enjoys helping others to reach their peak both physically and mentally and believes that expressing his knowledge through his writing is an effective way to positively impact the wellbeing of others on a larger scale.

alex writer

Alex Whybrow – Full Time Writer, Coffee Connoisseur & Nootropic Fan

Alex spends a lot of his time writing. He is a creative soul who loves to express himself through his written word. When focus or concentration becomes an issue he turns to nootropics. Aside from the world of nootropic supplementation and writing, Alex is a huge fan of coffee and can regularly be found consuming it and writing about it.