Soma Analytics Presents The Science Behind Stress At ‘This Is HR’ Event

June 2018

London Tech Week had everyone buzzing, and as the clock struck 6pm, over a hundred HR and Technology professionals rolled into IBM’s Southbank offices to attend the This Is HR event. The topic on everybody’s mind? The latest technology disrupting the HR industry.


Source: LinkedIn


IBM’s Talent and Engagement Leader Andi Britt kicked off the event by outlining the power of AI technology and its impact on people. Quoting the late but always relevant Stephen Hawking, “Every aspect of our lives will be transformed. In short, success in creating AI could be the biggest event in history of our civilization… AI will be either the best, or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity”. Andi appealed to the audience to think about the wide scope of decisions HR can now make based on data, and how to reimagine work to be talent-centric and AI-powered.


What was to follow ascertained the attendees that the future of AI-powered HR technology is bright and resourceful. Speakers from award-winning companies covering a range of HR Tech topics had 4 minutes only to demonstrate their products to the HR community:


  • Our own Lorena Szerman presented the science behind stress and how Soma Analytics promotes mental wellbeing in the workplace through our digital wellbeing platform to help employers reduce the costs of stress-related absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.
  • Juan Andrés and Lagrange Delfino from Sunlight talked about how they help companies grow an engaging learning culture by providing employees the access to any course, book or event in the world.
  • Neta Meidav, the founder of Vault, showed how the world’s first blockchain-powered counter-harassment platform can create a safer and more pleasant work environment.
  • Luke Fisher showed how Thanksbox empowers businesses through technology to increase performance, attract new talent, and retain great people like never before.


The attendees were able to meet the speakers and learn more about these fantastic products after the presentations. To say the least, there was no need for promoting networking among these group of people – the Soma stand was constantly in full operating mode! In the end, great connections were made, and it is safe to say the evening moved the This Is HR event series closer to the objective of increasing the profile of London’s growing HR technology innovation scene, and establishing London as the HR Tech capital of Europe – the global title is definitely on the roadmap!

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