Where Science and Technology Meet to Beat Stress At Work

March 2017

There was a definite buzz in the room at Soma Analytics’ recent event ‘Where Science and Technology Meet to Beat Stress At Work’. Friends of Soma Analytics came together to share stories and ideas on how we can work together to beat stress at work, using our skills and expertise in science and technology.


Great Mix of People and a Shared Purpose

The room was a mix of occupations, including; sleep professors, mindfulness experts, HR professionals, healthcare professionals to insurance providers, developers, product owners. Everybody in the room was motivated by working together to reduce the biggest cause of sickness absence in the workplace – stress.

The event was kicked off by our fantastic hosts, The Humble Grape, sharing their own journey (and stresses!) of setting up a business based on their passion: biodynamic and organic wine from small, independent producers. Each handpicked for their own unique story and flavours.


The Soma Analytics Story

A round of organic Prosecco (with it’s own unique story) was followed by a talk from Soma Analytics’ Co-Founder and Head of Science, Christopher Lorenz.

Christopher shared the story of Soma Analytics own ‘organic’ growth. Starting from a retreat in the Swiss Alps, where the company was founded and ‘Soma Analytics’ was born. Quite ironically for a technology company the chocolate-box style hut they had rented had no electricity or running water.

Some memorable moments and photos followed, with the story moving from alpine huts to German sleep labs, to developing Soma Analytics’ unique sleep algorithm – that is now the built-in sleep tracker within our Kelaa Mental Resilience app.

A big move to London followed, made possible by sponsorship from individuals and companies that believed in Soma Analytics and saw the vision of what it was trying to achieve through Kelaa.

The grand finale of the story, and bringing us back to the present day, was Soma Analytics being awarded €1.8M in funding from the biggest EU innovation and research programme – Horizon 2020. This will allow Soma Analytics to deliver the largest Randomised Controlled Trial of its kind, looking at reducing stress in the workplace via a smartphone application and HR analytics dashboard. For more information email research@soma-analytics.com.

Quite a journey for the three Founders of Soma Analytics. A journey that brought together everyone in the room around a united cause.


Fun and Games

The second part of the evening was kicked off by an intro into Humble Grape’s most highly recommended white wines. This very much helped start conversations flowing as Nicky Hemmings, Soma Analytics’ Lead Psychologist, shared the science behind Kelaa Mental Resilience in an interactive exercise. Kelaa defines stress as the imbalance between the demands on us, and the resources we have to cope with them.

Soma’s model of stress. Stress is an imbalance between our demands and the resources we have available to deal with them. It is based on Bakker, A. B., & Demerouti, E. (2007). The job demands-resources model.

Sharpie pens were grabbed, wine glasses filled and discussions started on what demands had taken their toll on energy levels during the day, London transport and laptop issues featured heavily. This was balanced with an appreciation of what resources had helped support, grow and develop levels of mental resilience. The discussion then expanded to how to help build resources and reduce unnecessary demands for individuals, teams and businesses.

Guests excitedly discussed their demands and resources, both for themselves, their teams and their businesses.

The event was fueled by an enthusiasm to change the current workplace for the better, helping to beat stress at work through introducing science and tech. It was great to have so many people together to discuss this and begin to help increase wellbeing at work.


Next Event: Tuesday 9 May

We look forward to our next event on Tuesday 9 May when we will once again share and connect interesting and inspiring people working in workplace wellbeing. If you are a Wellbeing or HR leader and would like to join in with the Soma Community, please register your interest below:

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