Mental Health and Wellbeing: FTSE 100 Report 2018

Record year for FTSE 100 reporting on mental health of staff–the more a company reports the more profit it makes, study finds.



Key findings:

– Analysis of FTSE 100 annual reports replicate last year’s findings and solidify the link between investment in employee mental health and corporate earnings
– The half of the FTSE 100 that reports most on employee mental health and wellbeing enjoys two times more profit, before tax, than the bottom half.
– The average FTSE 100 company mentioned ‘mental health’ almost twice as much as last year. However, two out of three companies–mainly the same as last year–still fail to make any mention of ‘mental health’ in their reporting.
– Research findings welcomed by mental health campaigner Geoff McDonald.





An analysis of all current FTSE 100 annual reports has replicated last year’s inaugural results: a statistically significant link between the reporting of employee mental health and wellbeing and corporate earnings. Companies that addressed mental health and wellbeing most in this year’s annual reports continued to show up to two times more profit.

The study was conducted by digital health startup Soma Analytics, which uses artificial intelligence and cognitive behavioural science to detect and prevent psychological stress among office workers. The report suggests that companies that ‘care’ about employee’s mental health to the extent that they report on them publicly, are more productive than those that don’t.

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